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Introducing our revolutionary Angled D-Grips, designed to revolutionize your workout experience by prioritizing joint comfort and versatility.

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

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Detailed Description

Fixed bars can often force your joints to adapt to their rigid movement, potentially leading to discomfort and even injuries. The Angled D-Grips, however, provide the freedom your joints crave. Their flexible nylon straps enable unhindered joint movement throughout your entire exercise routine.

One standout feature is their adaptability to any barbell. With notches on the edges, you can effortlessly adjust the strap length to suit your needs. For instance, during lat pulldowns, achieving the full range of motion is crucial. Shortening the straps brings your hands closer, offering those extra inches for a complete workout.

Conversely, when performing bent over rows, longer straps prevent the bar from contacting a Bridge Supporting Pad or your stomach. This ensures you can fully engage your muscles and achieve the ultimate contraction.

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Our handles are meticulously designed for comfort and performance. The grooved middle allows your middle finger to rest comfortably, while the bow-shaped design molds to your palm, providing a firm grip. This becomes invaluable during high-volume workouts and heavy lifting.

Beyond comfort, these grips are incredibly versatile. Thanks to the loop strap, you can attach them to various equipment, including barbells, lever arms, most weight plates (provided they have handles), and even chin-up bars. This versatility breathes new life into your existing equipment, enabling a wide range of exercises with ergonomic comfort and unrestricted joint movement.

Elevate your workout experience with our Angled D-Grips – where comfort, adaptability, and versatility meet to redefine your fitness journey.

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