ATX® Pec Fly Attachment

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Target different areas of your pecs with the ATX® Pec Fly Attachment for your ATX® FID Bench! Can be used on horizontal or decline position.

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint L = 73cm W = 105cm/150cm H = 45cm
Weight 16kg
Inclusions 2 x Olympic sleeves
Weight Load Capacity 120kg (60kg per arm)
Colour Black and Chrome

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Detailed Description

The ATX® Pec Fly Attachment for the ATX® FID Bench will give you the perfect chest isolation exercise to add to your chest workout.

  1. Just like doing dumbbell flys, but the leveraged movement means you can focus more on isolating the pecs.
  2. Brass friction bearings on the pivots deliver smooth and consistent resistance.
  3. Can be used in both horizontal or decline position. This allows you to target different areas of the pec.
  4. Heavy-duty - rated for 120kgs.
  5. Beefy commercial grips.

Pec Fly Attachment

A pec fly attachment is a very handy tool for the chest training. If you have been following our Lee Priest videos, you will know that Lee likes to break up heavy pressing movements with an isolation movement when training chest.  Sure you can do dumbbell flys, but a serious trainer would have done a million reps of these, so a pec fly machine attachment is a great cost-effective means of getting another exercise.

The ATX® design mimics the resistance of a dumbbell fly. Just like all leverage exercises, since you don't have to stabilise, you can focus all your efforts on the pectoral muscles. Some slow and controlled sets and your chest will feel like it is going to explode! Your chest will be full of blood and ready to tackle your next pressing exercise.

Pec Fly Attachment

Note: The Pec Fly Attachment comes with Olympic sleeves for Olympic weight plates. They slide over 30mm steel horns. If you intend on using standard weight plates, the internal hole needs to be 31+mm.

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