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Spud Inc Bowtie Casual

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Wear the Spud Inc Bowtie Casual everyday to reduce the risk of neck and shoulder pain while preventing poor posture. Made of comfortable but heavy duty fabric.

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Our modern lifestyle takes it's toll on your posture. Throw in some poorly structured training, and you have yourself a recipe for neck and shoulder pain. I know this all too well myself. A strength imbalance from front to back, combined with too many hours on the computer led to shocking neck pain. Almost crippling.

It took me months of rehabilitation and training to fix it. But the Spud Inc Bowtie Casual could have addressed it immediately. The strong yet comfortable fabric corrects your posture and addresses the slouchy posture that so many of us suffer from. The casual bow tie is designed to be worn during the day - whether you are working in an office or warehouse, or simply chilling watching your favourite TV show. 

Sizing Chart (based on body weight)

  1. Small: 125 lbs. – 150 lbs.
  2. Medium: 150 lbs. – 185 lbs.
  3. Large: 185 lbs. – 225 lbs.
  4. X-Large: 225 lbs. – 255 lbs.
  5. 2XL: 255 lbs. – 275 lbs.
  6. 3XL: 275 lbs. – 300 lbs.
  7. 4XL: 300 lbs +
spud bowtie

The Bowtie has been designed to get on and off with ease. You will see that it has nylon webbing on the front and back that allows you to get in the correct position.

The rest of the structure is made from an elasticised webbing that not only moves your shoulders into the correct position, it also acts like a compression garment. So it is great for applying tension to tight muscles.

If you are after more support for athletic use, check out the Formal Bowtie.

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