Revvll ONE Rope Trainer

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The ultimate strength and conditioning trainer. The endless rope with adjustable resistance. Suitable for both beginners and advanced athletes. ✓ Australia Wide Shipping ✓ Made in GERMANY ✓ Adjustable Resistance ✓ Can be mounted anywhere

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Weight 8 kgs
Inclusions 1 x Revvll One Trainer, 1 x anchor sling, 1 x Carabiner
Colour Black

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Detailed Description

Regardless of whether you are looking to strengthen your upper body or do a little bit of cardio, the revvll One is a perfect solution for any studio, commercial or home gym owner!

  1. Compact and lightweight design – perfect for home and Studio trainers, it can be stored and taken everywhere since it weighs less than 8 kgs!
  2. Fit it to suit you! The revvll One can be mounted at different heights. Mounting anchor included.
  3. Adjustable – the resistance can be adjusted from extremely easy to very hard. Making it suitable for trainees of all strength levels.
  4. Easier to clean- non-allergenic surface is far easier to clean compared to hemp or nylon ropes.

Strength and Conditioning

Adjustable resistance allows you to switch between extreme strength and endurance. The unrestricted freedom of movement and high time under tension gives your upper body the optimum workout in the shortest time possible.

climbing rope

Save space and money!

Rope/Sled pull is an amazing exercise which all of us should incorporate in our training. Problem is that the equipment for this exercise can get quite bulky, expensive or even unsafe.

With the revvll ONE you can safely perform a rope climb or rope pull with both of your feet safely on the ground. Train in a space of just a few square meters!

sled pull rope


German engineers offer you first-class quality, revvll ONE is made with cutting-edge technology. Manufactured from premium high-tech materials.

The robust casing can withstand even the harshest environments. The rope is virtually unbreakable since it is made from 4 m long, 25 mm polyurethane.

endless rope

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