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The next generation Deadlift Platform with innovative Shock Absorption System. ✓ Rated for +500kg ✓ Shock Absorption System ✓ Extra Wide to Suite all Barbells ✓ MADE IN GERMANY

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint Platform 2500mm x 880mm x 50mm. Wooden Plate - 1200mm x 760mm
Weight 135kgs
Inclusions 1 x ATX Deadlift Platform Skull II
Weight Load Capacity 500kgs+
Colour Black
Construction Thick Walled Square Tube with Laser Cut ATX Logo. Wooden Plate - 40mm thick plywood. Rubber Plates - 40mm thick SOLID RUBBER Honeycomb. 10mm thick damping lining.

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Detailed Description

PLEASE NOTE due to the length of this deadlift platform (+250 cm) we might have some difficulties shipping it to you. Just send us through an email or leave a message during checkout and we will workout the best shipping option for you!

In order to lift some serious weight, athletes need something just as strong to lift it from - something as strong as the ATX Deadlift Platform.

Most deadlift platforms on the market would feature a 40mm or smaller rubber tile, together with a strip of higher density rubber on top and cheaper lower density rubber as the base. In reality this type of design cannot provide adequate protection for your equipment and flooring.

German Engineers, by comparison, decided not to cut corners when designing their equipment and created something far more durable.

Please Note: The demo is shown on a different version of a Deadlift Platform which features different Decal.

shock absorption system

The Shock Absorption System

You can slap two rubber tiles together, together with a wooden plank in the middle and call it a deadlift platform. But this is the primitive route, and German Engineers went above and beyond in contrast. For one, the deadlift platform features two 40mm thick solid rubber plates with a unique hollow chamber honeycomb system. Which provides a strong force-reducing and dampening effect.

To top it off, an additional 10mm thick damping track is used underneath, this optimizes the dampening properties of the platform.

atx deadlift platform

Deadlift Platform Standing Area

Of course there is a reason why this platform features a 40mm thick solid plywood standing platform and not a rubber platform. Due to harder surfaces minimizing the loss of force produced, lifting from something solid gives you more advantage when training. It's the same reason you can deadlift more barefoot than in running shoes.

Additionally, this solid plywood platform also features a non-slip protective coating and an integrated logo.

professional deadlift platform

Additional Information

  1. Manufactured in Germany.
  2. Rated for over 500kg!
  3. Extra-wide platform to accommodate all barbell - 250cm.
  4. Anti-Slip Coating.
  5. The frame is manufactured from thick-walled square tubes with laser-cut ATX logos.
  6. Sold Individually.
shock absorption system

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