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Enjoy the benefits of front squats minus the pain with the Spud Inc. Front Squat Harness! The harness is made out of durable nylon with a thick chain and hook.

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One of the biggest downsides of doing front squats was that they put extreme amount of stress on your wrists or shoulders (depending how you hold the barbell) and that's the last thing you want when you have a big bench or push session coming up. SPUD INC Front Squat Harness will allow you to shift the load from your wrists and elbows to your shoulders and back. You will be more stable throughout the whole exercise compared to the barbell front squats and you no longer have to suffer the awkward walk out and racking, you can push yourself until failure as the harness itself won't collapse on you.

The Front Squat Harness is made out of durable nylon with a think chain and hook, it is designed to handle the heaviest loads, so just load up your belt squat machine or hook it to a low pulley and enjoy the benefits of the front squats minus the pain.

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