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Effective, simple & tough, the Spud Magic Carpet Sled is a weight sled that boosts your cardio workout while protecting your floor. Best for smooth surfaces. Ideal for cardio training if you have some space to move around!

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint L = 60cm W = 48cm
Weight Load Capacity 600lbs

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Detailed Description

The Spud Magic Carpet Sled is a lightweight option to the traditional steel weight and running sleds. The steel sleds can tear up certain surfaces, so depending on where you are training you might not be too popular.

If you train on artificial grass, grass, or gym flooring, the Spud Sled will just glide along these surfaces. Here is a great video showing just some of the many uses of the Spud Magic Carpet.

This type of sled work is the perfect cardio training, and there is nothing better than hitting your local park or oval on a nice sunny day. You are obviously going to need some weight, but the sled will be one less item that you will have to lug around. Outdoor personal trainers will know what I mean! You can just roll it up and put it in your back pack with your other spud training gear - then just farmer's walk your 20kg plates.

You are probably thinking that  because this sled is made from material that it will fall to bits after a couple of heavy sessions. Nothing could be further from the truth. Check out the other Spud videos and you will see what kind of abuse that this material can take.

With the Magic Carpet Sled you could add on the upper body sled strap and sled pulling belt, for the ultimate full body workout.

In fact, the Spud Inc Magic Carpet Sled is the Official Sled used in the new American Army Physical Fitness Testing. 

spud sled carpet

Note: Weight plates sold separately. Not to be used on rough surfaces like the road or concrete.

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