ATX® 100kg Sand Bag Unfilled

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Exceptionally durable Strongman/Crossfit manufactured out of Cordura® 1000 D material.

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint When filled - 540 mm x 380 mm
Weight Max. Weight - 100 kgs
Inclusions 1 x ATX® 100kg Sand Bag Unfilled
Colour Black with White
Construction Cordura ® 1000 D (woven nylon) with triple velcro straps.

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Detailed Description

You haven't lifted anything until you have lifted a heavy sandbag. These unbalanced entertainment/torture devices have been commonly used in Strongman and Crossfit Competitions all around the world. There is a good reason why the Sandbag Carry event is included in most of them.

Unlike Atlas Stones or Kegs, sandbags do not have any handles and cannot be "rolled" up. There is no other choice but to awkwardly grip and deadlift the sandbag, and that's only half the job!

This type of training puts your core and grip strength through the ultimate test.

Features of the ATX® Sandbags:

  1. Manufactured out of exceptionally durable Cordura® 1000 D (woven nylon) material.
  2. Tear-Resistant Outer Bag with Zipper and Velcro Strap.
  3. The Inner Bag was also manufactured to be tear-resistant and comes with double velcro straps.
  4. A built-in liner which allows the bag to be filled with different materials.
  5. Can be filled with steel balls (Ø 3-5 mm), Pebbles (Ø 4-5 mm) and Sand.
  6. 380 mm in Diameter.
  7. Available in 5 different sizes from 50 kgs (110 lbs) to 150 kgs (330 lbs).
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Additional Information

These Sandbags have been manufactured having the World's Strongest Men and Women in mind. The material used is the ultra-durable Condura® 1000D which has an extremely high resistance to abrasion - it is an absolute perfect choice for something that has to withstand the heaviest loads.

The ATX® Crossfit/Strongman Sandbags come unfilled, which will never be an issue, considering how much sand Australia has.

Please note: the zipper protection flap should not be confused as a handle. Using the flap as a handle might damage the stitching and will void the warranty.

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The Strongman Sand Bags are virtually two bags stitched together:

The Outer Bag - is manufactured out of Tearproof Conodura® 1000 D Woven material and its sole purpose is to take a beating.

The Inner Bag - if you have ever carried a sandbag, you definitely wished that it got lighter after a few meters. To prevent spilling and to make matters worse ATX® decided to use a secondary pouch to prevent the filler from spilling.

Both bags are feature several velcro straps to keep everything air-tight.

Filler - for optimum results and durability ATX® recommends using Steel Balls (Ø 3-5 mm), Pebbles (Ø 4-5 mm) or Sand as a filler.

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