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The ATX 650 Power Rack is a tank! The unique combination of a compact footprint and 60mm x 60mm 3mm thick steel will easily fool the uninitiated. What looks like your average domestic power rack is actually a commercial certified rack cable of handling a load of 1 tonne. ✔ Rated for 1000 kgs ✔ Certified for Commercial Use ✔ 33 Attachment Adjustment Positions ✔ Compact Footprint - 215 cm x 121 cm x 156 cm ✔ Designed and Engineered in GERMANY

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint Height - 215.5 cm, Width - 121 cm, Depth - 156 cm. Internal Cage - Width - 108 cm, Depth - 65 cm
Grade Commercial - EN 20957 I.II.IV - S
Weight 104 kgs
Inclusions 1 x ATX® Power Rack 650 215cm, 1 x Pair of ATX® J-Hooks. Spotter Bars are Sold Separately.
Weight Load Capacity 1000 kgs

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Detailed Description

Whether you are training at home or purchasing for a gym, you will struggle to find a commercially certified power rack of this quality at this price. If you are tight on space, and can't bolt into your floors, this may be your only alternative for a commercial rack with a compact footprint. 

What makes it even more appealing is the ability to expand and customise your rack to suit your tastes and training needs. 

ATX® 650 Power Rack

  1. Manufactured out of high-quality steel and features 60 mm x 60 mm x 3 mm thick Steel Uprights.
  2. Thicker and larger reinforcement plates at the top and bottom, which are connected by massive M20 bolts.
  3. M12 & M20 High-Tensile Steel Hardware.
  4. 1000 kgs Overall Load Rating. 
  5. 33 x adjustment Position spaced out 5 cm apart.
  6. Exceptionally Compact Footprint - Height: 215.5 cm Width: 121 cm Depth: 156 cm.
  7. Ample space inside the cage - 108 cm x 65 cm.
  8. Certified for Commercial use according to European Standards - EN 20957 I.II.IV - S.


Each athlete has different needs, hence why the ATX® PRX-650 comes without the spotter bars. This way you get to choose the type that best suits your needs. 

The ATX® Pin Pipe System is a cost-effective solution. If you want a quick change when doing exercises that you are unlikely to come down hard, discard the outer casings. This will make changing positions effortless. However if you are doing an exercise like rack pulls which will batter your barbell, slide your rod into its protective sleeve. You will be able to pull as hard and vigorously as you like without damaging your precious bar. 

The ATX® Flip Down Spotter Emergency Racks are a bit more expensive, but give you a quick change as well as barbell protection. 

Alternatively, if you don't want spotter bars you don't have to buy them. Some customers just buy the optional spotter arms, which can be used inside the rack, as well as out the front. 

powerlifting rack

Multi-Grip Chin Up Bar

This Chin Up Bar features numerous handle variations with knurled 27 mm thick grip. In a new twist, there is a 42.5 mm thick integrated fat bar at the rear of the chin-up bar to test out your grip strength.

The Pull Up Bar is not only highly functional, but the extra girth combined with the laser cut mounting plates also contribute to the stability of this solid little cage. 

strongman training cage


The ATX® 650 Power Rack comes standard with the Type V J-Hooks which have been in service on ATX® and Barbarian Racks for years, around the world. They are constructed from a 10mm thick steel plate. Combined with the 10mm thick barbell protection, they are not only strong, they will protect your barbell knurling. 

The shallow lip has proven to be a godsend for heavy squatters and benchers - the liftoff is minimal saving your energy for the actual lift. 

home power rack

Numbered Uprights

The ATX® PRX-650 also got an upgrade in hole position markings. This version features, laser engraved numbers for improved accuracy and visibility. There are 33 holes in total, spaced 5cm apart. No matter what your build or body shape, you will be able to get into a comfortable position. 

crossfit power cage

Resistance Band Peg Provisions

If you enjoy resistance band training, you will love this rack! It features five adjustment positions at the top and nine at the bottom! Band pegs are sold separately. 

compact home gym rack

Rubberized Feet

Not everyone is in a position, or comfortable with, bolting their power rack to their gym floor. The ATX heavy-duty rubber feet not only protect the floor, but they also further add to the rack's stability. The feet grip to slippery surfaces and offer a degree of self-levelling if there is a minor unevenness in the floor.  

weight training cage


ATX® now sports one of the largest range of QUALITY Power Racks. As such you have access to add ons and accessories (sold separately) that you would normally only have available for much more expensive racks. 

power rack attachments

These items are all sold separately.

ATX-LTO-520 - ATX® Lat Option 520 215cm, economy lat tower.

BB-90-CLIP - Resistance Band Pegs.

ATX-J-ARM-LAC- ATX® Jammer Arms - for Various Upper Body Exercises.

ATX-MLIFT-COP - ATX® Monolift - for easier unracking/racking of the barbell.

ATX-WRT-ROL - ATX® Rackable Wrist Rollers - for strengthening your forearms.

This rack comes with j-hooks and chin-up bar. It does not come with spotters. The following items are sold separately: weights, barbell, bench, plus the optional accessories listed above.

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