ATX® Cable Crossover 800 Series

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Yet another overengineered piece from ATX®. This extended cable crossover features two 90 kgs weight stacks, high cable stretch, 34 adjustment positions and so much more!

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint Length - 416 cm, Width - 132 cm, Height - 239 cm
Grade Commercial - EN 20957 I.II.IV - S
Weight 469 kgs
Inclusions Base station. SOLD SEPARATELY- cable attachments.
Colour Black
Warranty 5-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

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Detailed Description


Hardware - The mix of industrial & high tensile strength M12/M20 nuts and bolts is something you'd expect to find in a truck, not a cable crossover. But for a machine of this calibre, you can't cheap out on hardware.

Dead Weight - Sitting at 469kg this unit will easily survive the peak month of January. Possibly even the apocalypse.

The Stack - The ATX® Cable Crossover 800 Series features two 90kg weight stacks which can be increased in 5 kg increments.

2:1 Ratio - 90% of gym goers are unlikely to max out this machine even with a 2:1 weight ratio, it would be 99.9% if it was 1:1. The mechanical advantage has the upshot of increasing your ROM, and allows you to more finely tune your weight increases.

commercial cable crossover


Pulleys - The ATX® Cable Crossover features all aluminium pulleys; not only do they look pretty, they also keep the machine running smooth.

Guiderails - The solid steel guiderails are finished with a hard chrome coating, this reduces any flex/vibrations and provides a smooth surface for the stack to glide on.

Nylon Bushings - Metal on metal contact should be avoided at all costs. This cable crossover features durable nylon bushings in the weight stack plates. These bad boys do a phenomenal job at reducing noise while also extending the longevity of the machine.

Cable - The clue is in the name but the cable truly is the centrepiece of any cable crossover. If the cable is subpar, the whole machine would be subpar. ATX® are aware of this, and used a special stretch-free cable with this machine. It appears almost identical to any gym cable, but the flexible core helps provide a silky smooth motion for years to come.

cable cross machine


Adjustment Positions - The ATX® Cable Crossover features 37 adjustment positions spaced 5cm apart. The vast adjustment range makes this machine perfect for both commercial gyms and studios which specialize in group training.

Pulley Housing - The pulley housing rotates 170 degrees which allows you to perform various oblique twist/pull exercises without having to worry about your gym members destroying the cable.

Height - The cable height ranges between 25 and 205cm when measured from the floor to the cable eyelet.

Maximum Cable Stretch - Someone, somewhere will take five steps forward before starting their pec flys, not to worry though; the cable can stretch up to 260cm.

cable crossover

Ease of use

Adjustment Pin - The pulley housing features a knurled grip pull pin to adjust the height of the machine.

Engraved Laser Scaling - The laser engraved height markings can be clearly seen when adjusting the pulley housing.

Retaining Brackets - The retaining brackets were designed originally to help people maintain their balance during exercises such as standing hamstring curls and leg & tricep kickbacks, but I'm sure there are plenty more uses for you to discover.

Protective Weight Stack Panels - The sides of the weight stack are shielded by the protective weight stack panels.

atx cable chest fly

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