ATX® 25kg Chrome Powerlifting Plate - IPF APPROVED

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Slim, solid, and shiny.

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint 450 mm x 23.1 mm
Weight 25 kg +/- 0.25% / 10 grams
Inclusions Sold individually.
Colour Chrome/Red
Warranty 3-year Manufacturer's Warranty
Construction Solid Steel with Hard Chrome Coating and Vinyl weight markings

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Detailed Description

The flashiest powerlifting plates you have ever seen come with these features:

  1. Machine calibrated to perfection - +/- 0.25% / 10 grams within nominated weight.
  2. Hard Chrome Coating - no paint & weight loss.
  3. Inner hole diameter - 50.5 mm. Designed to fit most of the Olympic Barbells and Machines.
  4. 3-year manufacturer's warranty.
  5. Inner and outer Olympic Colour Coding.
atx powerlifting weights

Manufactured out of Solid Steel, not Cast Iron

What is the point of manufacturing weight plates out of solid steel? There are quite a few reasons why ATX® chose to spend a few extra dollars on solid steel plates:

  1. Strength - solid steel has a far greater tensile strength compared to cast iron. This denser steel is substantially less prone to breaking or deforming.
  2. Corrosion, steel is not immune to corrosion but it is far more resistant to it compared to cast iron. That is one of the reasons why you won't find many of cast iron products in industrial applications.
  3. Durability - steel holds up far better against elements than iron over time - it can handle more heat and fire alongside other extreme forces.
  4. Thinnest on the market - by using quality steel, ATX® was able to stay within the required plate width, while reducing the overall thickness of the plate.
atx powerlifting disc

Don't get me wrong, weight plates manufactured out of Cast Iron are not bad. They offer a relatively cheap and quite durable solution to general strength training. However, not all iron/steel is made equally.

Different countries would source different quality iron ore and the characteristics of it would differ from country to country. If you had to purchase both cast iron or solid steel weight plates manufactured in the same country, I would recommend opting for a more durable option.

Machine Calibrated

There is a reason why these weight plates do not feature calibration plugs. That is because each plate is CNC machined out of a solid block of steel.

This precision engineering allows the ATX® Powerlifting Discs to be within +/- 0.25% or 10 grams of the nominated weight.

Machine calibration is also a tad cheaper compared to hand calibration, this is where the German's saved some money during the manufacturing process. Essentially giving you a higher quality product, with the same features for a lower price.

solid steel powerlifting plate

International Colour Coding

The Olympic colour coding exists so that both the user and the spectator could identify the weight much easier.

However, the hard-chrome coating doesn't make the identification any easier. That is why ATX® decided to machine a colour-coded groove on a side of the plate.

Each of the ATX® Calibrated Steel Plates comes with a vinyl ATX® logo and weight numeration.

atx powerlifting disc


  1. 25 kg (Red) - 450 mm x 23.1 mm.
  2. 20 kg (Blue) - 450 mm x 19.2 mm.
  3. 15 kg (Yellow) - 400 mm x 18.4 mm.
  4. 10 kg (Green) - 325 mm x 18.4 mm.
  5. 5 kg (White) - 227 m x 18.8 mm.
calibrated powerlifting disc

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