ATX® Cable Crossover Weight Stack V2

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Compact and functional cable crossover and lat tower Combo! ATX offers commercial quality for unbeatable prices! Check out everything this bad boy has to offer

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint Width - 248 cm, Depth - 127.5 cm, Height - 221 cm
Grade Commercial - EN 20957 I.II.IV - S
Weight 223 kg
Inclusions Base Machine, 2 x Extension Chains, 6 x Carabiners, Lat Tower Seat.
Weight Load Capacity 160 kgs
Colour Black
Warranty 5-Year manufacturer's warranty

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Detailed Description

What's new in V2?

  1. Integrated Straight Pull-Up Bar, which also increases the overall stability of this cable crossover station.
  2. New Main Uprights - ATX® have switched the main uprights on the cable pull corner station. The New uprights feature the same hole size and spacing as their racks and cages. This allows you to use a variety of different rack attachments.
  3. Reinforcements - the removable seat holder has been reinforced to prevent any flexing and accommodate mass monsters.
  4. Cable Attachment Storage - the new unit features six cable machine attachment storage hooks.

The ATX® Cable Pull Corner Station is your ultimate cable training machine, it features and exceptional compact footprint, fully functional cable crossover and a lat tower with high and low pulley. But it's features don't end here!

The Machine

Weight Stack - this cable cross machine comes with a 100 kgs weight stack in 5 kg increments. If these jumps are a tad too much for you, you can also stack the ATX® Addon weights.

Weight Load Capacity - if you feel like the 100 kgs weight stack might not be enough for your flies, you can load it up to 160 kgs!

Grade - feel free to chuck this machine into your commercial gym as it has been certified for commercial use by European Standards: EN 20957 I.II.IV - S.

low cable crossover

Lat Pulldown

High Pulley - features a special round pin to prevent the cable from shearing against sharp edges. Total cable stretch length - 206 cm.

Seat - the lat machine comes with adjustable/detachable seat. Both the knee and seat height can be adjusted to suit individual user.

Low Pulley - has been equipped with rubber feet, which will not only prevent you from damaging the paint but also provide you with the additional grip during heavy rows.

1:1 ratio - no mechanical advantage means that you will lift what you will load on the lat tower.

cable crossover machine

Cable Crossover

Dual pulley swiveling carriage - makes the movement feel smoother and extends the longevity of the cable.

Adjustment Positions - the ATX® cable cross station features 18 adjustment positions, spaced out every 10 cm, allowing the user to find the perfect height for all exercises.

Laser Engraved Uprights - prevents muscle imbalances by helping you to put the pin into the right hole.

Mechanical Advantage - 2 :1 Ratio when using single handle, 1:1 Ratio when using both handles.

Twist/Pull pin - this unique locking pin helps to lock the swiveling carriage into place, preventing any rattling or moving around.

crossover machine


Size - Height - 221 cm, Width - 248 cm, depth - 127.5 cm.

Corner or Freestanding - even though you will achieve the best space saving results by placing the dual cable cross in a corner, it can also be placed anywhere in your gym as it does not require any mounting.

Tipping prevention - because of the prodigious work by the German Engineers, you do not have to worry about the cable crossover tipping or moving even when the performing forward shifted exercises.

Weight Stack - has been integrated into the machine, it does not extend the overall footprint of the machine nor it is built in a way where it could compromise the adjustment of the weight.

cable tower machine


Nylon Bushings - to improve the smoothness of the movement of the cable fly machine, ATX® engineers embedded durable nylon bushings into the weight stack plates.

Guiderails - have been manufactured out of solid steel and are coated in durable hard chrome.

Pulleys - ATX® did not skimp out on pulleys and used the dual bearing set up which provides exceptional stability and smoothness of the movement.

Cable - stretch free cable designed for machines with high movement.

cable crossover fly

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