ATX® Dual Arm Functional Trainer - Wall Mounted

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Finally, a dual-arm functional trainer which doesn't take up your whole room!

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint Width - 45 cm/214 cm. Height - 223 cm. Depth - 55 cm. Pulley height- 202 cm, Maximum pull width - 214 cm.
Grade Commercial - EN 20957 I.II.IV - S
Weight Weight stack - 80 kgs (16 x 5 kg). Total weight - approx. 172 kgs
Inclusions The base station, 2 x single handles, 2 x carabiners.
Colour Black / Grey semi-gloss fine structure powder coated
Warranty 5-Year manufacturer's warranty
Adjustment Angles Horizontal - 8, swivel range 100 degrees. Vertical - 10, swivel range 150 degrees.

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Detailed Description

The ATX® Dual Arm Functional Trainer is the product of the combined ingenuity of the ATX design team. The superb build quality packed into a compact footprint make it nothing short of an engineering marvel.

They've packed in a number of features to give you the greatest variation of exercises.

  1. The swivelling pulley housing allows you to pull the cable in any direction without putting unneccessary strain on the system.
  2. 2:1 ratio 80kg weight stack, adjustable in 5kg increments.
  3. Thick steel construction - the whole unit weighs approximately 172kg.
  4. Certified for commercial use - EN 20957 I.II.IV - S.
  5. 5-Year Manufacturers warranty.
dual arm cable crossover

Adjustment System

Gas Spring - The gas spring has been included to help you lift the arms up and down, making it perhaps the smoothest adjustment system on any functional trainer.

Horizontal Adjustment - There are a total of 8 horizontal positions with an adjustment range of 100 degrees.

Vertical Adjustment - The ATX® Multi-Functional trainer has 10 vertical positions with an adjustment range of 150 degrees.

dual arm functional trainer

Please note: mounting bolts are not included with the machine. The type you will need depends on the surface you are planning on mounting it to.

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