ATX® Flat Incline Bench 610

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The German Engineers always take their time to design the highest quality product your money can buy. This case is no different, the ATX® Flat/Incline Bench 610 is unparalleled in this price range. ATX® has its own factory, in which they manufacture every single custom part for their machines, hence why you will not see the same looking station with a different brand logo stamped on it. So, is the ATX® Flat Incline Bench 610 the right bench for you?

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint Bench -L: 130 cm, W: 64cm, H: 44 cm / 111cm Backrest Pad: 123.5 cm x 25 cm x 5.5 cm
Grade Domestic: EN 20957 I.II.IV - H
Weight 28.5 kgs
Inclusions Sold individually.
Weight Load Capacity 500 kgs (safe working load)
Colour Black
Warranty 5-year manufacturer's warranty.
Construction 70 x 70 x 2 mm Adjustment positions - Seat - 4, Backrest Pad - 9

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Detailed Description

The importance of the red knobs

While the colour of the knob might not be the most important feature of the adjustment pins, the way it operate is.

First of all the pull pin, allows you to change the angle of your backrest pad in seconds, this is extremely handy if multiple people are training on the same bench.

But the most important feat, in my humble opinion is the fact that you can tighten it. This eliminates any possibility of wobbling or ratling, allowing you to fully focus on your gains.

But what about the seat? Well, because of gravity, the seat is going to be taking the heaviest loads. You could put a pin under the middle of the seat, but that could affect the stability. So, the most effective way is for the pin to go through the whole bench. This will not only make it safer to train, but also extend the longevity of the equipment as the weight load is going to be balanced.

adjustable bench

The Backrest Pad

Spawning across 123 cm, this bench will accommodate even the tallest users. It features a 5.5 cm thick backrest pad which has been covered with a durable PU leather finish.

At 25 cm, it is slightly narrower compared to the benches used in competitions. This has been done on purpose!

The narrower pad, will allow your shoulders to sit slightly outside of the pad. This will give your rotator cuff muscles more room to move around, reducing the likelihood of shoulder impingement as well as a better stretch on your pecs.

home gym bench

Additional features:

No one truly appreciates the importance of the lifting handle and transport wheel until they have to use a bench without them. Both the grip and the wheels have been perfectly positioned, so you would not have to hoist it up to your chin for the bench to start moving.

The single foot design also should not be dismissed as it allows the true bench press enthusiasts to position their feet close to the bench. Without having to worry about any support beams interfering with their training area.

bodybuilding bench

So, should you buy this Compact, lightweight yet heavy duty bench?

Well it all depends on what your training goal is. If you are planning on preparing for world bench press championships or to use it as a step bench, you should give this bench a miss.

It has been designed as a workhorse for athletes who are steering towards general strength training and bodybuilding and have no plans on stepping on any sort of stage.

weight training bench

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