ATX® Cable Pull Tower 90kg

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An oversized and overengineered freestanding cable tower designed for commercial gyms.

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint Height - 229 cm, Width - 132 cm, Depth - 105 cm
Grade Commercial - EN 20957 I.II.IV - S
Weight Machine - 217 kgs, Weight Stack - 90 kgs (in 5 kgs increments)
Inclusions 1 x Base Machine. 1 x carabiner. NOT INCLUDED: Cable Handle
Weight Load Capacity 160 kgs (total)
Warranty 5 - year Manufacturer's Warranty

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Detailed Description

Weighing in at a whopping 217kg, the ATX® Cable Pull Tower is a tank, and for good reason. It's been designed specifically for the commercial market in Europe, and obtaining commercial certification in Europe is no joke. Using this in a home gym is a bit like using a hand grenade to deal with shoplifters; a bit excessive but at least it'll look cool.

Smooth Movement

Pulleys - Dual bearing aluminium pulleys; shiny looks and smooth movement.

Guiderails - The guiderails are made from solid steel and finished with a hard chrome coating.

Nylon Bushings - The weight stack features durable nylon bushings, allowing it to glide freely along the guiderails.

Cable - The special stretch free cable features a flexible core, which provides smoother movement and extends the longevity of the cable and pulleys.

atx cable tower


Hardware - This machine is held together using industrial grade & high tensile strength M12/M20 hardware.

Dead Weight - The ATX® Cable Pull Tower involves around 220kg of steel in its construction.

The Stack - 90kg weight stack can be adjusted in 5 kgs increments.

The Ratio - 2:1 ratio. The mechanical advantage allows for finer adjustments for accessory exercises, and gives you more range of motion than a 1:1 weight stack.

atx single cable station


Adjustment positions - 37 different height positions, each spaced 5cm apart. Suitable for all shapes and sizes!

Pulley Housing - Rotates 170 degrees allowing you to perform various oblique twist/pull exercises without destroying the cable.

Height - Minimum height - 25 cm, maximum height - 205 cm (measurements were from the floor to the cable eyelet).

Maximum cable stretch - 260 cm

atx freestanding accessory machine

Ease of use

Adjustment Pin - The knurled grip pull pin lets you adjust the height of the pulleys.

Engraved Laser Scaling - The height markers are an extremely useful feature. ATX® laser engraved them so they'll stay just as clear for years to come.

Retaining Brackets - Both retaining brackets can be mounted at a custom height.

atx gym cable machine

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