ATX® Lat Option PL 800 Series

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Plate Loaded Lat Tower Attachment for ATX® PRX-800 Racks and Cages

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint Usable Cable Length: High Pulley - 127 cm, Low Pulley - 145 cm
Weight Lat Tower Option: 43 kgs Carriage Weight - 8.75 kgs
Inclusions High & Low Pulley, 2 x Guiderails, Mounting Bracket, 2 x Rubber Stoppers, 2 x Cables, 1 x Extension Chain, 3 x Carabiners (10mm), + mounting hardware PLEASE NOTE: Rack, Rack Extension, Seat and cable attachments are sold separately.
Weight Load Capacity 160 kgs
Warranty 5-Years Manufacturer's Warranty
Weight Plates Used Olympic (Inner hole diameter +51mm)

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Detailed Description

German Engineers from ATX® have been coming up with innovative ideas for gym equipment for quite a few years now. This time they've decided to completely annihilate their competition with their PRX series Power Racks and Rack Accessories.

ATX® Lat Option Plate Loaded 800 Series is the smoothest lat tower option with loads of great features:

  1. 1:1 Ratio - No Mechanical Advantage.
  2. Exceptionally compact design.
  3. The weight horns will not interfere with the internal cage space.
  4. Usable Cable Length: High Pulley - 127 cm, Low Pulley 145 cm.
  5. 20 mm thick Solid Steel Guiderails with hard-chrome coating.
  6. High Base carriage weight - 8.75 kgs.
  7. Genuine 160 kgs Weight Load Capacity.
plate loaded prx-800 option

Pro's and Con's

Pros of the ATX® Lat Option Plate Loaded 800 Series:

Great for those who do not have space for a dedicated lat machine, but still want the smoothness and robustness of one.

No mechanical advantage means that you are not only saving money & time on loading the extra plates but also that you will never reach the safe working load.

Aluminium pulleys alongside 20 mm thick solid steel guide rails will provide you with the smoothest movement.

Regardless of an exercise performed and weight lifted, you will never have to worry about it tipping over.



Requires Back Extension Attachment for secure mounting.

For the most comfortable lat pulldowns, you will need the seat attachment.

No footrests for the seated rows.

atx prx 800 pulley

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