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Rather than waiting for the competition to raise the bar and catch up to the ATX® Quality, German Engineers decided to do it themselves with the new ATX PRX-800 Racks.

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint Width - 127 cm, Depth - 194 cm, Height - 246.5 cm
Grade Commercial - EN 20957 I.II.IV - S
Weight 167 kgs (Base Weight)
Inclusions 1 x ATX® PRX-810 (Base Rack) SOLD SEPARATELY: J-Hooks, Spotters Bars and other accessories.
Weight Load Capacity 2000 kgs (total)
Warranty 5-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
Construction 80 mm x 80 mm x 3 mm Laser Cut Uprights, High-Tensile M20 Industrial Bolts, 8 mm Thick Reinforcement Brackets, 8 x Reinforcement Corners. Thick Rubber Feet.

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Detailed Description

Updating their Premium Power Cages was probably the most difficult task German Engineers have faced since the 1940s. They had to somehow find a way to further improve the stability of the Power Rack which has been originally designed to take on the World's Strongest Men.

Here are a few the features of the new ATX® PRX-800 Power Rack:

  1. 167 kgs of Steel involved in the construction of the power cage alone.
  2. Genuine Commercial Certificate - EN 20957 I.II.IV - S.
  3. Rated for 2000 kgs (total).
  4. High-Tensile M20 bolts.
  5. Support brackets at every corner for improved stability.
  6. 43 Accessory adjustment positions spaced out every 5 cm.
  7. 80 mm x 80 mm x 3 mm Uprights with 8 mm thick Reinforcement Plates.

The Rack

Needless to say, this Power Rack is tailored towards commercial gyms and hardcore weight trainers. Every single part has been engineered with precision, from the laser-cut upright markings to the thick rubber feet.

German Engineers took it to the next level by ditching the M14 bolts, which were already considered massive, for the M20. Which would normally be used in industrial applications. To top it off, each upright is being held together by two 8 mm thick plates and six 20 mm bolts.

To further improve the stability, eight corner support brackets have been added to the cage, this eliminates any chance of flexing or shaking, even during the heaviest loads.

atx commercial power cage

The Footprint

The PRX-800 is 127 cm wide, 194 cm deep and 246.5 cm high. The biggest change compared to the previous version is the depth, which has been decreased by 28 cm!

This gives you that much-needed space for your optional accessories.

The height of the PRX-800 has increased by 3.5 cm, which means that the optional accessories such as lat pulldown or PRX Rack Extension, will not be compatible with the older versions.

commercial rack

Optional Attachments

Quality, price and versatility have always been the core components of any ATX® project and this time is not different.

If you own an ATX® Power Cage or Squat Rack you have an option to choose from an evergrowing list of first-class Power Rack Accessories.

atx prx 810

Additional Information

Unfortunately, we can only ship the 800 series racks to depots or a business address with a forklift on site. Some of the boxes are over 2.4m, and some drivers can't figure out how to get them off the truck via a tail lift. Secondly, with COVID restrictions, drivers aren't allowed to get assistance unloading. We don't agree with either of these rules but we can not change them. We are trying to find alternate solutions.

Alternatively, you can arrange your own freight and we can provide weights and dimensions.

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