ATX® Power Rack 830

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110 cm deep floor-mounted power cage. Certified for commercial use.

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint Width - 139 cm, Depth - 99 cm, Height - 246.5 cm Distance between uprights (outer) - 123 cm 43 x Height Adjustment Positions every 50 mm (Hole size Ø 21 mm)
Grade Commercial - EN 20957 I.II.IV - S
Weight 120 kgs (base rack only)
Inclusions 1 x ATX® Power Rack 830 (Base Rack), Accessories sold separately
Weight Load Capacity 2000 kgs (total)
Colour Matte Black
Warranty 5-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
Construction 80 mm x 80 mm x 3 mm steel, High-Tensile M20 Industrial Hardware, Reinforcement brackets. Laser-cut upright hole markings

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Detailed Description

It is relatively easy to find a commercial power cage which provides exceptional stability, compact footprint, affordable price and room to expand. The difficult task is to find a Power Rage which has all the components. The ATX® PRX-830 Floor Mounted Rack offers exactly that. In fact, it has plenty of additional features:

  1. Designed and Engineered in Germany for European Commercial Gym Equipment Market.
  2. High Base Weight - 120 kgs (without any optional accessories).
  3. Rated for 2000 kgs (total rack safe weight load rating).
  4. Remarkably compact footprint - 139 cm x 99 cm x 246.5 cm.
  5. An extensive list of optional accessories.
  6. Laser-cut upright markings.
  7. Walk Through design.

Additional Information

Floor mounted power racks are a great way to save money and space while still getting the same features and robustness as the Full Sized Power Cages.

The ATX® PRX-830 offers an exceptionally compact footprint, the whole cage is only 99 cm deep. While the internal cage diameter remains untouched at 107 cm x 75 cm.

The only downside of this rack is that you will have to mount it to the floor in order to reap the benefits of the compact footprint.

floor mounted rack


As unnecessary as it may be, German Engineers still went ahead and improved the ATX® Floor Mounted Power Cage.

One of the improvements was bringing the bottom support beam all the way down to the floor, this allows you to place your J-Hooks or Spotters much lower. This allows you to perform exercises such as rack pulls or bent over rows with much more comfort.

Another notable difference compared to the older version would be height. The ATX PRX-830 has grown by 13.5 cm in height, bringing the overall height to 246.5 cm.

The most important updates of the new PRX 800 series racks would be the switch from M14 to M20 High Tensile Industrial Hardware. As well as the addition of the corner support brackets. This prevents any shaking or moving, even when the rack is loaded up with the 2 tonnes of the safe working load.

atx commercial rack


If unrivalled quality, price and robustness would not be enough, ATX® expanded the list of optional accessories for their commercial range racks up to 30!

This allows you to pick and choose the accessories you need and will use rather having to buy a pre-compiled package which might not suit your needs.

If you feel like this cage is a tad too small for what you are planning using it for, ATX® have released an XL version of this rack which features a 110 cm internal depth of the power cage.

certified gym equipment

Additional Information

Unfortunately, we can only ship the 800 series racks to depots or a business address with a forklift on site. Some of the boxes are over 2.4m, and some drivers can't figure out how to get them off the truck via a tail lift. Secondly, with COVID restrictions, drivers aren't allowed to get assistance unloading. We don't agree with either of these rules but we can not change them. We are trying to find alternate solutions.

Alternatively, you can arrange your own freight and we can provide weights and dimensions.

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