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ATX Squat Stand Block

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The ATX Squat Stand Block was designed in conjunction with leading trainers. For people that can't perform the squat correctly, this device will optimise their squat form for a greater range of motion. Improve your form during your squats with the ATX Squat Stand Block. This block is made of break resistant solid rubber & designed with leading trainers.

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint L = 70cm W = 16cm H = 4.9cm
Weight 5kg
Colour Black
Construction Break resistant solid rubber

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Detailed Description

For years if you lacked the flexibility to get the required depth in the squat you resorted to all manner of methods to elevate the heels. From pieces of timber to weight plates, you grabbed whatever you could get your hands on. While these worked fine if you were just messing about in the gym, for a high performance coach or trainer a more professional solution was required. 

Not only does the ATX squat block look the part, its design and features gives the coach greater control over getting the perfect positioning for the client. 

  1. Improve your squat technique.
  2. Angled for optimal squat form.
  3. Extremely durable solid robber - virtually unbreakable.
  4. Ribbed for grip and getting correct heal positioning.
  5. Great for calf raises too!
  6. When you are not using it for squatting, it makes a great stop for your barbell to stop it rolling away when doing deadlifts.
  7. 70cm in length to cater for wider stances.
squat stand block

Add some variety to your Training

This is also great for the bodybuilder who wants to better isolate their quads. I can hear the chorus of disapproval from the hardcore strength trainers who think this sort of thinking is nonsense. But after years of seeing the benefits of squatting on an angle with the Leverage Squat machines, I can vouch for the effectiveness of this method.

If you don't value my opinion, then maybe you will listen to Lee Priest, who is a massive fan of this movement.

If you are a home trainer, this gym device is a great way to add some variety to your leg training. Continue doing your heavy barbell squats in the traditional method. But for some variety, get your Squat Stand Block out and do some higher rep work.

The angle position takes some load off your lower back, so you will be able really blast your quads!

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