ATX® Safety Strap 800 110 cm

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The new and improved adjustment system allows you to change these straps single-handedly. Designed for ATX® PRX-820 & PRX-840 XL Power Cages, these straps will easily handle weight loads of up to 500 kgs!

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Weight 15 kgs (pair)
Inclusions 4 x Brackets + 2 x 110 cm straps
Weight Load Capacity 500 kgs per pair (safe working load)
Colour Black/Red
Warranty 5-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
Construction Bracket - 8 mm thick folded steel sheet with nylon insulators. Strap - 7 cm thick, 3-ply nylon strap.

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Detailed Description

The ATX® PRX Belt Strap System has been designed for the 800 Series XL Racks. These 110 cm long safety spotting straps are the best ATX® have to offer, from ridiculous weight load rating to the ease of adjustment.

Exceptionally high weight load rating is not the only feature which the Nylong Straps can showcase. Even though each belt is manufactured from a 7 cm wide 3 layer strap, they are still flexible and can be mounted at different heights.

This forces the barbell to roll away from the user in case of a missed lift. For bench press enthusiasts this would also work as a face-saver.

Here are some features of the ATX® PRX-800 Safety Strap System:

  1. The Bracket - manufactured out of solid 8 mm steel sheet, it features nylon insulators which protect the paintwork.
  2. The Belt - manufactures out of 7 cm wide 3-ply nylon strap. This allows the belt itself to withstand loads of up to 2000 kgs.
  3. New and Improved adjustment system - you can change the position of the bracket without having to disassemble the whole strap.
  4. Safe working load of the straps - 500 kgs.
  5. High base weight - 15 kgs (per pair).
  6. 5-Year manufacturer's warranty.
atx 110 cm straps

Additional information

Please note these straps have been designed for ATX® PRX 820 & 840. If you are planning on using it on other racks, please make sure that they are compatible:

80 x 80 mm uprights.

110 cm inside distance between the posts.

21 mm upright hole diameter.

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