ATX® Warrior Flat Incline Bench

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Perfect for commercial gyms, the ergonomic ATX® Warrior Flat Incline Bench offers superior performance and ease of use without any pin mechanisms!

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint L = 127cm W = 75cm (base) H = 45cm
Flat Position Height 45cm
Upright Position Height 124cm
Grade Commercial. Certified for commercial use under European Standard EN 957.
Weight 42kgs
Inclusions 1 x ATX® Warrior Flat Incline Bench
Weight Load Capacity 500kgs
Colour Black
Warranty The warranty terms and conditions for the ATX® are intended for commercial use*. 10-year warranty on frame excluding surface finish. 1 year on parts, cables and pulleys. 90 days on grips, pads, and upholstery. Please note that some commercial equipment being sold by our competitors are only covered by domestic warranties.
Construction Black Steel Frame, Commercial 50mm Thick Upholstery, Rubber Feet, Wheels for Mobility
Carton Size Carton 1: 112cm x 56cm x 24cm
Adjustment Angles Backrest Pad - 10 adjustment positions - 0 ° / 15 ° / 25 ° / 35 ° / 45 ° / 50 ° / 55 ° / 60 ° / 75 ° / 82 ° Seat- 4 positions - 0 ° / 10 ° / 20 ° / 30 °
Backrest Pad Dimensions Length - 80.5 cm, Width - Bottom - 30.5 cm, Top - 24.5 cm

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Detailed Description

The ATX® Warrior Flat Incline Bench has been a cornerstone of the ATX® range for many, many years now. It might look simplistic in design, but don't let that fool you, this bench represents years of refinement from years of service in weight rooms throughout Europe.

  1. Easily adjust the angle of your bench in one movement, quickly and safely.
  2. Say goodbye to broken spring pins!
  3. A great choice for professional gym applications and commercial use.
  4. Exceptional stability, sturdiness, and durability – Built to last.
  5. The workhorse of our bench range, designed to handle a lot of weight, and with no pin mechanisms.
  6. You will not find a bench of the same quality and durability in this price range.
Heavy Duty Bench

Extremely Heavy Duty - Handles 500kgs With Ease!

This bench has been refined over the years to offer easy adjustment, superior stability, and durability. Equipped with an ultra-reinforced support beam, this allows for some serious heavy lifting up to 500kgs without difficulty. When the bench is in the flat position, the bench is only 45cm from the ground which makes it even more sturdy during the heavier lifts. It’s simple and clean design allows them to use the highest-grade materials but still offer an excellent bench at a very attractive price.

Commercial Wide Bench

Unbreakable Saw Tooth Locking System

If you are sick and tired of morons in your gym finding new ways to destroy your bench's spring pins then the ATX® Warrior Flat Incline Bench will be a relief. The sawtooth style adjustment system does not only lock into position without movement, but it is also most importantly unbreakable. Pull pins are excellent for use on gym equipment, they give you easy adjustments, but gym owners will know that if something can be broken a meathead will find a way!

Unbreakable Saw Tooth Locking System

11 Bench Adjustment Angles. 3 Seat Angles

Yes, you read correctly. 11 adjustment angles from 0-82 degrees upright/ incline. The backrest and bench seat is able to be easily, quickly and safely adjusted to your preferred angle. The seat has a safety lock and you can adjust the seat to 3 primary positions.

11 Bench Adjustment Angles. 3 Seat Angles

Easily Transported & Stored

Transporting the bench is a breeze as it comes with 2 attached wheels and handle. This makes it perfect for when you want to maneuver the bench around your gym or even in and out of a rack. The other big advantage this bench has over benches with similar durability is that it has a compact footprint. Space efficiency is high on the priority list in Europe, so it can be tucked away comfortably in a corner or power rack.

2 attached wheels and handle

Comfy, Ergonomic Seat Padding

The ATX® Warrior Flat Incline Bench features comfortable 50mm thick commercial upholstery with wider padding for your lower back to help you maintain ideal posture while you work out.

Comfy Ergonomic Seat Padding

Anti-Slip Rubber Feet

The feet are encased in rubber making it resistant to slipping and helps to protect your floor from damage.

Anti-Slip Rubber Feet


* If you are using the ATX® equipment in your home gym, and you have a manufacturing issue or defect with your grips, pads, upholstery outside the warranty terms we will review your issue. ATX® is designed by Germans for German commercial use. It is over-engineered for domestic use.

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