ATX® Leg Press Hack Squat + 195 kg of weights

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Strengthen every inch of your legs with our ATX® Leg Press Hack Squat + 195 kg of weights! Our ultimate leg training package is for commercial use. This package will have your legs trembling with fear! If they don't get annihilated by the leg press, the hack squat will finish 'em off!

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Inclusions ATX® Leg Press / Hack Squat (ATX-BPR-780) + 195 kg of weight (8 x 20 kg, 2 x 10 kg, 2 x 5 kg, 2 x 2.5 kg)
Weight Load Capacity 600 Kg

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Detailed Description

To build big wheels requires some serious effort and dedication. You are going to be going through the pain barrier and beyond. The leg press and hack squat are both exercises where you can take yourself through this zone and beyond with much greater confidence than barbell squats. Barbell squats require careful attention to detail with form. Which can suffer when you are pushing hard.

With the leg press and hack squat, you are locked into pushing so you can just focus on driving the weight. 

We decided to throw in 195 kgs of weight plates into the ultimate leg training package. Which was more than enough for Mr Universe in this video. We all know some Quadzilla who claims they can leg press 800kgs, but as Lee points out this machine is different. The angle really makes the weight feel heavy. So next time Quadzilla comes over for a workout, you can give them a chance to demonstrate their feats of strength. We have had a few of these situations in our showroom and let's just say we have humbled a few lifters!

Build legs like a bodybuilder

  1. Genuine 600 kgs load rating!
  2. Adjustable Footplate.
  3. Oversized Weight Horns will easily accommodate the plates you are getting in your package.
  4. Dedicated Plates for Calf Raises.
  5. Rubber Feet for stability and floor protection.
  6. Certified for Commercial Use by European Standards.
  7. Massive guide rails will keep the movement smooth even during heaviest loads.
  8. Industrial Nylon Rollers and Bearings.
leg press hack squat

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