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Effectively isolate your muscle groups with this ATX® Functional Trainer! It also adds variety to strength training exercises in one compact footprint. A solid and sleek looking unit for your gym or studio. This functional trainer is great for the bodybuilder looking to isolate muscle groups, the studio or clinic doing rehab work or the gym looking to add variety for their clients.

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint L = 95cm W = 150cm H = 215cm
Weight 280kgs
Colour Black

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Detailed Description

The ATX® Functional Trainer gives you all the benefits of a traditional cable crossover but in a more compact footprint. The number of exercises that can be performed is nearly endless and ideal for all types of strength training.

    • Features twin 91kg (200 lbs) weight stacks. 
    • The adjustable pulleys have 160° of rotation. They have 17 height adjustment positions.
    • Multi-grip chin-up bar.
    • The cables are industrial grade and pulleys are bearing driven. 
    • Six cable attachments (pictured) are included free.

The Piece of Equipment for Everyone!

For bodybuilders or just someone who wants to pack on a bit extra muscle, functional trainers are just brilliant. They are the perfect complement to your heavy pressing movements when targeting body parts.  Lee Priest recommends mixing up your pressing with an isolation exercise when working chest. He will do a heavy dumbbell press, then move on to something like cable flys and just use a lightweight. The focus is on getting blood into the muscle, not shifting massive weight. The functional trainer is ideal for this purpose. You can use different angles for variety. Plus the cable really isolates the muscle with minimal weight to give your joints a chance to recover for the next onslaught!

For athletes, a functional trainer is a great tool for rehab and injury prevention. You can work on strengthening specific muscles that are normally hard to isolate. This is where the adjust-ability and rotation of the pulleys really come into play.

In the home, they are a great piece of equipment as they cater for all training levels. Beginners can perform pressing and pulling movements with the safety and control that a cable machine offers. Advanced trainers can use the advanced techniques discussed above. 

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