ATX® Olympic Golden Powerlifting Bar

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Shiny, Good Looking and Exceptionally robust just like any powerlifter out there! ✔ Rated for 700 kgs ✔ High Tensile Strength - 215 K ✔ Golden Titanium Coating ✔ Manufactured to IPF Specifications ✔ Medium Knurling

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Inclusions 1 x ATX Golden Powerlifting Bar
Weight Load Capacity 700 kgs
Colour Gold
Construction Spring Steel with golden Titanium coating
Weight Plates Used Olympic Ø +50.2 mm

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Detailed Description

The ATX® Golden Powerlifting barbell has been designed for elite-level Powerlifting Gyms. It is manufactured out of high-quality steel which conforms to EN 10277-5 standards. In addition, German Engineers used Titanium coating to ensure the durability and longevity of this barbell.

Looks are not the only features this bar can boast:

  1. Laser printed ATX Logo.
  2. Golden Titanium Coating.
  3. Maintenance-free bronze bushings.
  4. Medium Knurling.
  5. IPF Knurl Markings - 810 mm.
  6. Rated for 700 kgs.
  7. IPF Standard 29 mm handle diameter.
  8. End Caps encapsulated with stamped ATX Logo.
  9. High Tensile Strength - 215 K.
titanium golden powerlifting bar


There are plenty of videos circulating the internet where the barbell would either bend or snap in half while training. Low quality steel and no genuine weight load rating is partly responsible for these issues.

Just like with any other product, ATX® decided to go overboard and use a combination of materials which might need unnecessary. Such as 215 K PSI Tensile Strength Steel which corresponds to EN 10277-5 European Standards and Titanium coating which offers great abrasion resistance.

The other feature worth noting is the smooth titanium sleeve finish. Some barbells do come with grooves which are designed to prevent the weight plates from sliding off. However, it also worked as a grate for the inner ring of your weight plate, making the loading/unloading process slightly less easygoing.

Weight Load Capacity

When buying a barbell it is difficult to differentiate a legitimate powerlifting barbell from a cheap Chinese import. To put it into perspective the ATX® Golden Powerlifting Barbell is rated for 700 kgs. German Engineers are using a safe working load system as their gauging system. Which means that the barbell will easily handle the 700 kgs and will not show any signs of breaking.

While a lot of underground manufacturers in China are either making their weight load ratings up or are using the barbell's breaking point to gauge how strong the barbell is.

Combine it with low quality steel and you will end up with a bend or broken barbell in no time!

Designed for Powerlifting

Besides the Shiny Golden Coating to please your ego, massive legitimate load rating and high tensile strength this barbell has a few notable feats.

One of them being exceptionally low weight tolerance. The ATX® Golden Powerlifting Barbell has a weight deviation of just +/- 50 GRAMS.

If you do happen to be amongst powerlifters who don't quite tolerate the extremely aggressive knurling, you will love this barbell.

It comes with fine RGE 30 ° - 1.2 mm precision knurling, meaning that the barbell will comfortably stick to your hand without ripping our your calluses.

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