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The ATX® Trinity Tower takes gym equipment design to a whole new level. The ATX Lat Machines have been hugely popular – a quick check will reveal they are a favourite among the garage gym communities. Building on this, ATX have added a whole list of additional features for gyms that are looking for a lat machine that can not only handle serious training but will make their facility stand out from the competition.

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint Width - 111 cm, Depth - 175 cm/202 cm, Height - 235 cm
Grade Certification - EN 20957 I.II.IV - S
Weight 287 kg | Weight Stack - 135 kg in 5 kg increments
Inclusions ATX® Trinity Tower 135 kg, 2 x Carabiners
Weight Load Capacity 180 kgs
Colour Black
Warranty 5-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

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Detailed Description

Just a quick introduction into the features of the ATX® Trinity Tower 135 kg:

The fancy bits

  1. Solid Construction – being tall and narrow, lat machines can be unstable. ATX® have gone to great lengths to build a lat machine that will stand strong for eternity. The dual uprights, combined with angled rear support arms results in a stable platform heavy work. All the joints are braced in true ATX® fashion.
  2. Relatively compact footprint - since the weight stack is quite far away from the rear upright, you can push the unit right against the wall and with the seat folded up, it will only extend 175 cm off the wall - just a few centimeters more than the old ATX-LSW-740 lat machine.
  3. 135 kg in 5 kg increments - finally you can lat pulldown more than you can bench press!
  4. 1:1 Ratio means no mechanical advantage, so you will be able to enjoy the whole 135 kg weight stack.
  5. Built in resistance band holders - in case you don't like the strength curve or feel like the 135 kg stack is not enough for your needs.
  6. Rubber edge protection at the front of the machine. This will not only protect the paintwork, it will also reduce noise if cable attachments swing into the machine. .
  7. Weight Stack Cover - to deter people from sticking their appendages where they are not supposed to.
atx trinity tower


A lot of engineering went into making the ATX® Trinity Tower the smoothest lat pulldown ATX® have produced:

  1. 20 mm thick solid steel guiderails offer no flex at all even when rowing 135 kgs, not that you will notice anything happening around you when you are pulling this much weight.
  2. HARD-Chrome Coating - not only provides you with a smoother surface to glide on, but also boasts great durability.
  3. Double-Bearing Aluminum Pulleys – nylon pulleys do the trick, but aluminum just look better. In a gym environment it is one less thing halfwits can break .
  4. Stretch free cable - the cable flexes much easier compared to the industry standard wire ropes providing with that bit of extra smoothness and longevity.
  5. ATX® have chosen CNC machined weight stack plates instead of traditional cast iron weight stack plates. It may seem a tad excessive, but it does make a significant difference, especially in lat pulldown machines. CNC machined stack plates have significantly tighter tolerances, meaning that they will create less friction. 
commercial lat pulldown machine

Cable Adjustment System

It is all about quality and ease of use with the ATX-LSW-850. The innovative cable adjustment system allows you to lower the cable to the correct starting position.

It may not be necessary for most people, especially when performing lat pulldowns. But the height of the machine and other exercises should be taken into consideration.

Take tricep pushdowns as the perfect example, most people would simply attach a triceps rope or a revolving straight bar to the top pulley and then use their lats to bring the attachment down, just so they could start training their triceps. Not to mention the smashing of the weight plates at the end of the set.

The newly implemented cable adjustment system performs the best in the laying pulldown position. It allows you to extend the overall stretch of the cable from 155 cm to 200 cm, giving you ample room to perform a multitude of rowing exercises.

The cable adjustment system is located on a side of the machine. It is a simple pull pin handle with laser engraved markings for easier identification. A lot of work went into making the system functional, for example half of the mechanism is embedded into the machine, so you don't have any unnecessary cable hanging around.

high low pulley station

The Seat

Most lat pulldown machines do have seats, so this is not exactly an innovative feature. But not all of them are oversized, operate on bearings or are sitting at correct height.

  1. With glute training becoming more and more popular it made sense to add an oversized seat, which doubles up as a bench for laying rows.
  2. The height of the seat is pretty much identical to your regular bench, so you are not all hunched up and have plenty of foot clearance.
  3. The seat operates on bearings for smoother transitioning between lat pulldown and seated rows.
  4. The included anti-slip thick rubber foot will protect your floor from scratches.
pin loaded lat machine

One Rubber for all your needs

Leg lock mechanism has been completely redesigned, it now features far more adjustment positions, abundance of comfort improvements and loads of steel.

  1. The pads have been ergonomically shaped and manufactured of rubber- which will both keep your feet in place as well as last significantly longer compared to your foam alternatives.
  2. The same pad can be used to lock yourself in during lat pulldowns, seated cable rows and even as a place to hold your feet during laying high pulley rows.
  3. A total of 11 knee/foot rest adjustment positions makes this machine perfect for users of all shapes and sizes.
  4. German Engineers have put the laser cutting machine to a good use as they've laser-cut hole markings into 8 mm thick steel sheet. Which has been coated in hard chrome as the pain would simply chip off.
lat machine with weight stack

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