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Finally, the stability of a power cage without the height of it. The 600kgs weight load capacity makes the ATX Bench Press Rack the safest & strongest bench press on the market! For all types of gyms. Please note this rack comes without any accessories, just pick and choose which ones you would want and we will add them to the quote!

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint Construction depth: 124 cm Width: 136 cm Height: 144 cm Dimensions lying area: 122 cm width 30 / length cm
Flat Position Height Standard Pad - 45 cm ; Fat Pad - 45 cm
Grade Commercial. Certified for commercial use under European Standard EN 957.
Weight 131 kgs
Inclusions 1 x ATX-PBR, ATX-FH-II, ATX-PPS-75 SOLD SEPARATELY: Weights and Barbell
Weight Load Capacity 600 kgs
Colour Black
Construction 80 mm x 80 mm uprights with 3 mm thick steel walls.

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Detailed Description

Designed and Engineered in Germany for professional athletes and commercial gyms. The ATX Power Bench Rack is not only one of the strongest, with its multiple spotting options, but it is also safe too. Making it ideal for all gym environments.

  1. Unbreakable - genuine 600 kgs load rating.
  2. Heavy-duty construction - 80 mm x 80 mm uprights made out of 3 mm thick steel.
  3. Markings that will never wear off - markings are laser cut.
  4. Certified for commercial use - EN 20957 I.II.IV Class S.
  5. Designed and Engineered in Germany for the European Market.
  6. Quality and Price ratio that no one can match!
  7. Prepare for competitions - IPF Specification bench press pad.

Quality Rack that will last

The Power Bench Rack has been tested in an independent German laboratory. The 600 kgs load rating is not the breaking point of this rack, but a safe working load. Combined with 131 kgs dead weight and anti-slip rubber feet, this rack is ideal for any commercial gym or bench press enthusiast.

flat bench press station

Adjustable and Expandable

Each of us is built differently and train various sports. Bench Presses uprights are spaced out every 5 cm, making the rack suitable for athletes of all shapes and sizes.

Have you ever tried bench pressing with Mono Lift Attachment? Well, now you can - ATX Power Bench Rack accepts all the ATX attachments. Allowing you to fully customize your bench press.

monolift bench press

Fat Pad

As comfortable and beneficial as a fat pad may be, it still had some downsides. Once the standard backrest pad was replaced with the fat one, the laying height increased significantly. Making it uncomfortable for some of the users.

German Engineers have solved this issue. The bench beams are sitting at different heights. By mounting the fat pad back to the front, the height will remain the same. This feature allows everyone to reap the benefits of the ATX Fat Pad.

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Train Safe

Spotting someone is not as easy as it may be in other exercises such as good mornings. In case of failure, the spotter would have to take the barbell off your chest. Spotter Platforms converts this movement into a deadlift rather than biceps curl.

If you don't trust your spotter or you are training alone, you can always resort to Safety Spotter Bars and Straps.

There is no need to spend your money twice. The ATX Power Bench Rack carries the same uprights as the ATX Commercial Power Racks and Cages. This feature allows you to reuse your attachments.

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Competition Grade Equipment with a few extra features

There is no need to empty your wallet on competition certified equipment if you are not planning on hosting competitions. The ATX-PBR bench pad conforms to the IPF standards. Allowing you to train like a professional athlete.

Designed and engineered in Germany, these stations offer exceptional quality for an extremely low price. German Engineers have been working really hard to deliver Commercially Certified Machines for an affordable price.

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