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Design your dream power rack! Don't settle for 2nd best, by configuring your cage to your taste you will get exactly what you want. What's better is that it will be better quality, design and most likely price compared to other commercial cages. ✔ Rated for 1500 kgs ✔ Certified for Commercial Use ✔ Multiple Pull Up Bar Options ✔ Multiple Spotter Options ✔ Various Attachments Available

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint Height - 224.5 cm, Width - 123 cm, Depth - 178 cm
Grade Commercial - EN 20957 I.II.IV Class S
Inclusions 1 x Base Rack, 1 x Set of J-Hooks. SOLD SEPARATELY - Spotters, Chin Up, Bars, Weights, Lat Pulldown Attachment, Jammer Arms, Rack Extension.
Weight Load Capacity 1500 kgs - Overall Rack Safe Working Load
Colour Powder Coat Matte Black
Warranty 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty
Construction 70 mm x 70 mm x 3 mm Steel with M12/M20 Hardware

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Detailed Description

The ATX® PRX-750 Power Rack allows you to build a genuine commercial quality power rack with a growing range of options and attachments. In the past, you were given whatever the manufacturer thought was the best combination. With changing training styles and customer preferences, ATX® sells the cage nude with just J-Hooks. This way you can build your rack to your tastes and budget. 

Here is a list of features this rack comes with:

  1. Exceptional stability- the base rack has over 129 kgs of steel involved in its construction.
  2. Laser Engraved hole markings - for accurate adjustment of J-Hooks and Spotters.
  3. 35 x adjustment positions spaced out every 5 cm.
  4. The rack is manufactured out of 70 mm x 70 mm x 3 mm Steel and comes with thick reinforcement plates.
  5. High-Quality J-Hooks are included with the Power-Cage.
  6. Genuine 1500 kgs Load Rating.
  7. German Quality - Certified for Commercial Use according to EN 20957 I.II.IV Class S.
  8. Shown with Optional accessories which can be purchased separately.

Pull Up Bar Options

Single Chin Up Bar ATX-PRX-750-PUL-3 - ideal for those who enjoy the simple things in life. Great if you are on a tight budget.

Multi-Grip Chin Up Bar ATX-PRX-750-PUL-1  - This redesigned multi-grip chin-up bar offers six different grip positions. Two of them are thick handles for your grip training.

German Engineers removed the middle beam, which allows the user to utilize every single grip, without any restrictions for the movements.

This bar is ideal for those who are looking to add some variation to their back training workouts.

Indexing Multi-Grip Chin Up Bar ATX-PRX-750-PUL-M - eight adjustment positions and five grip variations allow you to have up to 40 different grip positions. Due to the unique design, it will only take you a few seconds to change the grip width.

Or if you don't want a chin-up bar you can use the rack without it. 

professional power cage

Spotter Options

Pin Pipe System ATX-PPS-70 - they are manufactured out of a solid 20 mm thick steel bar and come with a 6 cm thick rubber tube to protect the barbell and reduce noise. They are rated for 600 kgs and are ideal for general strength training.

Flip Down Spotter Bars ATX-FDSS-70 - Even though they are not offering the same weight load rating as the pin pipe system, they are much easier to use. It takes just a few seconds to change the position of the spotters. Weight load rating - 500 kgs.

Belt Strap System ATX-STR-X7-70 - the new and improved design allows you to change the position of the straps with one hand without having to disassemble the whole system.

The Belt Straps also offer a weight load rating of 500 kgs.

powerlifting power cage

Enhanced Stability

ATX Racks have always had a reputation for being solid. Their new line continues this tradition - if you aren't familiar with German engineering then be prepared for a pleasant surprise.

The new line features much thicker support plates at the bottom of the rack and uses a mix of high tensile industrial-grade M20 and M12 hardware to secure them.

This rack is constructed from a 70 mm x 70 mm steel tube with a 3 mm wall thickness. The rack (without chin-up bar or spotters) tips the scales at a whopping 129 kgs.

powerlifting atx rack

Facts not Fiction

ATX® spends a hefty amount of money to design and construct their gym equipment to the standard that is required to obtain EU Certification for their products. It is a necessary expense when you are operating in approximately 40 countries around the globe, in particular Europe where there are more stringent regulations. 

Unfortunately, the much-needed standards are not enforced here in Australia, allowing retailers to make up ratings and quality claims. Luckily for us, IFS is one of a few companies that can back up their load ratings with facts - Commercial Certificate.

The ATX-PRX-750 is certified for commercial use according to EN 20957 I.II.IV Class S and comes with 5-year manufacturer's warranty.

Most importantly of all, due to their massive distribution network, you can check out all the ATX gear being tested around the world in gyms. Just follow #atxbarbellclub for real-world proof.

atx power rack


ATX® now sports one of the largest range of QUALITY Power Racks. As such you have access to add ons and accessories (sold separately) that you would normally only have available for much more expensive racks. 

power rack attachments

These items are all sold separately.

ATX-LTO-750-PL - ATX® Lat Option 750 - High and Low Pulley with Knee Lock.

ATX-J-ARM-LAC - ATX® Jammer Arms - for Various Upper Body Exercises.

ATX-MLIFT-COP - ATX® Monolift - for easier unracking/racking of the barbell.

BB-90-CLIP - Resistance Band Pegs.

ATX-BAHL-5678 - ATX® PRX Olympic Landmine - for Torsonator/Rowing exercises.

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