Barbarian PRO Functional Commercial Power Rack


Get the most of your barbell work with the Barbarian PRO Functional Commercial Power Rack. Best for gym and studios catering to high performing athletes. The PRO Functional Rack is designed for those who want to get the most from their barbell work. It comes standard with many, many extras. All which are high quality and built to last. Perfect for the gym or studio who train for high performance athletes.

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint W = 226 cm D = 191 cm H = 230 cm
Weight 265kg
Inclusions 2 pairs of j-hooks, 2 pairs of spotter bars (One pair for use within the power cage. A 46cm pair for use at the front of the rack. Both have a rubber strip to protect your Olympic bar), multi grip chin up bar, removable dip handles - with wide and narrow options, 16 Olympic weight plate holders for storage - 8 per side, 2 pairs of band pegs.
Weight Load Capacity Total Weight Load Capacity = 600 kg, J-Hook Load Capacity = 300 kg, Chin Up Bars = 250 kg, Dip Handles = 300 kg.
Colour Black
Warranty The warranty terms and conditions for the Barbarian Line are intended for commercial use. 10 year warranty on frame excluding surface finish. 1 year on parts, cables and pulleys. 90 days on grips, pads and upholstery. Please note that some commercial equipment being sold by our competitors are only covered by domestic warranties. If you are using the Barbarian equipment in your home gym, and you have a manufacturing issue or defect with your grips, pads, upholstery outside the warranty terms we will review your issue. But please refer to my first point above about the best warranties are ones that are not used. Barbarian is designed by Germans for German commercial use. So it is over engineered for domestic use.
Construction 75mm x 75mm steel tube with a 3mm wall thickness. Hole Size - 26 mm.
Carton Size Crate: 218cm x 59cm x 58cm

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Detailed Description

Everybody is having a crack at selling commercial power racks these days. Some of these cages look pretty flash online, and there are some very promising claims in relation to quality and load capacities. But if you do some research you will find out that some of these aren't even fit for home use!

The Barbarian PRO Functional Power Rack not only has some impressive specs - it has a European Standards certificate that backs up these claims for commercial use. Being designed in Germany for the German market, you can be assured of its quality and functionality.

  1. 27 adjustment positions, 50mm apart.
  2. 2 pairs of j-hooks.
  3. 2 pairs of spotter bars. One set for use within the power cage. A 46cm pair for use at the front of the rack. Both have a rubber strip to protect your Olympic bar
  4. 3 different chin up options. The multi grip chin up bar at the front. At the rear, you have a flat, fat 38mm diameter cross member. Plus you can also chin off the angled 38mm supports.
  5. Removable dip handles - with wide and narrow options.
  6. 16 Olympic Weight Plate holders for storage - 8 per side
  7. 4 pairs of band pegs each side at the top of the rack for resistance bands.
  8. 2 pairs of removable band pegs for the base of the rack. They also can be stored on the rack when not in use.
  9. Storage for 2 Olympic Barbells.
  10. Extremely stable with rubberised feet.

BARBARIAN Commercial Power Rack

When doing your price comparisons with other commercial power cages, I would just like to highlight some of the features outlined below. The rack comes standard with 2 pairs of resistance band pegs. They are more than your average band begs - they are the best you will ever use. The pegs are long, so your resistance bands will run perpendicular to the rack uprights. The polished steel finish makes it easy to get your bands on and off, plus reduces wear and tear on your bands.

The dip handles - once again a work of art. They weigh a tonne, and have the perfect angle. Plus they offer a wide and narrow grip option. To be honest they are overkill for most people, but if you want to do heavy weighted dips, these handles will be way stronger than your average dedicated dip station.

barbarian dip handles

You get 2 pairs of j-hooks, plus 2 pairs of spotter bars. The internal spotter bars are gravity lock style, so they are very easy to change. The external spotters, like the dip handles weigh a tonne, and have been designed for safe heavy lifting outside the power rack. You will notice how the base extends well forward of the front uprights - this is so you can lift massive weight without having to bolt your cage to the floor.

A lot of racks have plate storage - but do they have 16 horns? So you will not need to buy a weight plate rack. Plus there is also storage for two barbells, resistance bands and your resistance band pegs.

professional power cage

Last but not least, how many commercial power racks offer 3 chinning positions? The PRO Rack has your typical multi grip style chin up. At the very back, the rear cross member is made from round 38mm knurled tube - so you can do fat grip chins from there. The middle cross member has angled round 38mm tubing that is also knurled, so you can do wide griped chins with a fat grip. Who needs a lat pulldown?

So when you add up the cost of purchasing an extra pair of j-hooks, spotter bars, dip handles, weight plate rack and resistance band pegs the cost will come into line with the other racks. Combined with the superior design and quality of the Barbarian PRO Functional Rack, you will see that you are getting great value at this price.

Here is a Barbarian PRO Functional Rack Review.

multi grip chin up

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