ATX® Buffalo Olympic Bar

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It is time to put that outdated straight barbell aside and use a bar that has been designed for optimum bio-mechanics.

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint Total Length: 2440 mm Inside Handle: 1360 mm Handle Diameter: 30 mm Length of Sleeves 495 mm
Weight 25 kgs +/- 0.4%
Inclusions 1 x ATX® Buffalo Olympic Bar
Weight Load Capacity 600 kgs
Colour Chrome
Construction Tempered Steel with hard chrome coating.
Weight Plates Used Olympic Ø +50.2 mm

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Detailed Description

The Germans have released a barbell for squat enthusiasts. Don't get me wrong Straight Olympic bar is still great for all three power lifts, but i doubt that a company called Veltum knew much about bio-mechanics back in 1910 when they designed it.

It is time for a change. For years we've been training on gym equipment which was not designed to fit our bodies. This led to development of injuries such as shoulder impingement, biceps and lower back issues.

This is where ATX® Buffalo Bar comes in. The bowing design help you by:

  1. Reducing the stress on the main pressure point by distributing the load through the trapezius muscle.
  2. The Bow and knurling ensures that the barbell stays in the same position even during heavy loads.
  3. The bend also significantly reduces the pressure on your biceps tendon and shoulders.
  4. Lower center of gravity reduces the stress on the lower back.
  5. Increased range of motion in bench press.
bent power bar

Buffalo Barbell Features:

Using the ATX® Buffalo barbell gives you a lot of benefits, but what about the bar itself?

  1. Unique Arch Design.
  2. Made of highest quality tempered steel.
  3. Anti-slip precision knurling - medium - RGE 30 ° 1.2 mm.
  4. Extra long weight horns - 495 mm.
  5. 600 kgs load rating.
  6. End Caps with stamped Aluminium ATX ® logo.
atx buffalo bar

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