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  • Compact Hex Trap Bar
  • Compact Hex Trap Bar
  • Compact Hex Trap Bar
  • Compact Hex Trap Bar
  • Compact Hex Trap Bar

Hex Trap Olympic Bar Compact

  • Brand: Power Maxx
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The Power Maxx Hex Trap Bar Compact is a heavy duty, yet space saving solution for this great deadlift exercise. Deadlifting in a gym with space constraints is made easier with our Hex Trap Bar Compact! Its fully welded solid steel make this an extremely durable bar. Traditional hex trap bars can be large and cumbersome, so this is perfect if you are tight for space in your gym.

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Weight 24 kgs
Inclusions 1 X Hex Trap Olympic Bar Compact
Colour Chrome
Weight Plates Used Olympic Ø +50.2 mm

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Detailed Description

Get a genuine full body workout with just one barbell!

  1. At 142cm x 60cm, the Power Maxx Hex Trap bar is a lot more compact than many competitors.
  2. Extremely heavy duty - The solid steel sleeves have 25cm of weight plate storage. So you can lift as much as you can fit on. The very first time you pick it up you will feel that this is unbreakable. It weighs 25kgs.
  3. Made from 25mm diameter solid steel. All the joints are fully welded.
  4. Dual handles - You have the option of working from both the traditional and elevated position. This allows you to work on either your depth or max. lift.
  5. Both handles are knurled for grip.
  6. Durable chrome plating will mean that your bar can be thrown around the gym for years and still look good.
  7. Unbeatable exercise for strength and power - recruits nearly every muscle fibre in your body!
hex trap barbell

Hex Trap Bar

Deadlifts would have to be one of my favourite exercises. After reading Pavel's Power to the People, I became a disciple of this exercise, but it does take its toll on your back. Plus for me being a bit taller, my hamstrings get as tight as hell after a while.

In the past I really enjoyed doing hex trap deadlifts, we even sold the bars. But back then, the hex trap bars were massive, so they were a major pain to both maneuver and store in the gym. So you as you all know by now, my rule with gym equipment is that if I don't like using it I don't like selling it.

Even though this is a compact version of a hex trap bar you can still chuck quite a bit of weight on, we managed to fit ten 20kg plates on,so you don't have to worry about it being too small.

But if you are planning on using bumper plates or think that you will exceed the 10 x 20 kg plate cap, have a look at the Power Maxx 162 cm Olympic Hex Trap Bar.

hex trap barbell

So the latest incarnation by Power Maxx was the answer to my prayers! It is dramatically reduced in all dimensions, without any sacrifice in sturdiness. If anything, the compact design significantly increases the strength as flex is reduced.

If you haven't already tried this exercise, it takes a lot of the load off your back and transfers it to your quads. With the ability to drive through your legs more, you can lift a lot more weight than your traditional barbell deadlift. This sends a loud and clear message to your body that it needs to build both strength and power.

If you are in a compact gym situation, where you only have room for a FID bench or bench press, a hex trap bar is an excellent tool for an all round lower body workout.

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