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Power Maxx Olympic Hex Trap Barbell

  • Brand: Power Maxx
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The Hex Trap Deadlift is an exercise that you can lift massive weight. So you need a heavy duty barbell that can take a beating!

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Inclusions 1 x Power Maxx Hex Trap Barbell
Colour Chrome
Weight Plates Used Olympic Ø +50.2 mm

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Detailed Description

The Power Maxx Hex Trap Barbell is built for heavy lifts on this great compound exercise.

  1. 30cm of sleeve on which you can pack on your Olympic weights.
  2. Made from solid 25mm thick steel. All joints are fully welded. So load it up and lift!
  3. Vary the depth of your lift with the dual handles. Work on your depth with the neutral grip. Or try to lift as heavy as possible with the elevated grip.
  4. The barbell is chrome plated for durability. The handles are knurled for grip.
  5. Get a full body workout with just one exercises. Very popular in strength training for sports at the elite level.
  6. Full version of the Compact Hex Trap Bar
hex trap barbell

Hex Trap Bar

The biggest drawback of the straight bar is the amount of stress it puts on your lumbar spine during deadlifts and squats. Both exercises require the weight to be some distance away from the axis of rotation where the work is being performed (i.e., the hip), thus relying on the back to act like a crowbar to move the weight. When things don't go strictly to plan, it's your spine that's going to be suffering. Since the Hex Trap Bar configuration allows you to step inside it rather than behind it, the long lever is shortened along a horizontal axis, thus significantly reducing the amount of sheer force on the spine.

We've been asked what the load rating of this barbell is. To tell the truth, we have never tested the limits of it, but a few strongmen in Brisbane have. The Hex Trap Bar handled everything that the strongmen were able to throw at it during competition with ease.

hex trap barbell

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