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Your new favourite squat and bench press combo rack. ✓ Australia Wide Shipping ✓ 750 kgs load rating ✓ Certified for Commercial Use ✓ Weighs 238 kgs ✓ Squat Bench Press Combo ✓ Lever Arm Height Changing System

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint Rack : Width - 230 cm Depth - 178 cm, Height - 142.5 cm - 200 cm. Bench Press Pad - Length - 122 cm, Width - 30 cm. Height - 45 cm. Spotting Platform - Length - 75 cm, Width - 25 cm, Height - 18 cm. Spotting Bars - Lowest setting - 61.5 cm, Highest setting - 89 cm. Width between uprights - 110 cm. Width between emergency shelves - 114 cm.
Grade Commercial. Certified for Commercial use according to EN 20957 I.II.IV Class S
Weight 238 kgs
Inclusions 1 x ATX® Competition Combo Rack, 8 Lever Arm Locking Pins (Two Sets).
Weight Load Capacity 750 kgs (Safe working Load)
Colour Black
Warranty The warranty terms and conditions for the Barbarian Line are intended for commercial use. 10 year warranty on frame excluding surface finish. 1 year on parts, cables and pulleys. 90 days on grips, pads and upholstery. Please note that some commercial equipment being sold by our competitors are only covered by domestic warranties. If you are using the ATX equipment in your home gym, and you have a manufacturing issue or defect with your grips, pads, upholstery outside the warranty terms we will review your issue. But please refer to my first point above about the best warranties are ones that are not used. ATX is designed by Germans for European commercial use. So it is over engineered for domestic use.
Construction 80 mm x 80 mm, 70 mm x 70 mm, 50 mm x 50 mm uprights with steel thickness ranging from 3 mm to 4 mm.

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Detailed Description

German Engineers never ceased to amaze everyone with their work. This time they've released the safest and sturdiest Squat Bench Press Combo on the market.

The fully assembled rack with bench weighs a whopping 238 KGS! That is more than double steel involved than the closest competitor. The Squat rack without the bench weights 124 kgs.

ATX Competition Combo Rack Features:

  1. Two sets of J-Hook - one for bench press one for squats.
  2. Lever Arm height Adjustment System.
  3. Rated for 750 KGS!
  4. Certified for Commercial use.
  5. Can be adjusted in 2.5 cm increments.
  6. Extra Large Spotting Platform.

Biggest & Baddest Combo Rack

When designing the world's toughest Combo Rack, the German Engineers definitely did not have an average gym goer in mind. The 238 kgs of Steel involved in the construction of the Rack and 750 kgs SAFE Working load might seem excessive at first glance. However, once you see German Powerlifters jump squatting 360 kgs and breezing past 270 kgs bench press, it all starts to make sense.

There is no such thing as "Trust me Bro" it's "Commercial Quality", "Competition Grade" stamps back in Europe. Hence why the masterminds behind this rack put their money where their mouth is and tested the ATX® Combo Rack in an independent German Testing Laboratory. Where it achieved the highest EN 20957 I.II.IV Class S Standard.

Even though all the combo racks look almost identical and serve the same function, they do not share the same features. If you have been competing or training in powerlifting gyms, you probably already know the difference between the racks. But what about the ATX Competition Combo Rack?


The ATX Combo Rack J-Hooks are equipped with impact protection coating to preserve the knurling on the barbell. This coating also reduces the noise during training, allowing you to smash pb's without smashing your barbell.

Oversized J-Hook - extra large top plate has been added for additional safety. There is no need to guide the barbell into the J-Hook after a hectic squat session, just lean forward and drop it into cup!

The most annoying feature on most commercial squat rack combos was the lack of rollers or their poor design. ATX tackled this issue by using needle bearing rollers, this makes it easier for you to place the barbell into the optimal position. If that would not be enough, the rollers are angled,. This ensures that the barbell is always sitting in the centre of the J-Hook. The rollers in the upper J-Hooks are centered while the rollers in the lower J-Hooks are cylindrical throughout.

ipf combo rack

Uprights and Rack

The ATX Squat Bench Combo Rack is manufactured from profiled steel tubes with the dimensions ranging from 80 mm x 80 mm, 70 mm x 70 mm to 50 mm x 50 mm. With a steel thickness of 3 mm and 4 mm.

This explains where the mammoth like weight of 238 kgs comes from.

The centerpiece of the rack uprights are two telescopic uprights that can be adjusted in height and set at an angle. If you want to have a wide grip during squats, you can tilt the uprights by as much as 6.5°.

Each upright has two J-Hooks, the top one for Squats and the bottom one for Bench Press.

atx squat bench combo

Lever Arm Lifting System

Time and efficiency matters, especially when you are training with a group of people or running a competition.

Even though it has been around for quite some time, it is quite rare that the Squat/Bench combos would pack the lever arm lifting system.

Lever arms allows the user to change the height of the J-Hooks without having to take off the weight plates and barbell.

Not only that it also can be done in seconds! This style of adjustment allows both competitions and training session to run smoothly.

ATX Competition Combo Rack has laser cut uprights, which allows you to adjust the height in 2.5 cm increments.

It also comes with 8 locking and lifting bolts (4 spares). The locking pins can be stored directly on the lever arm.

lever arm bench press squat

Bench Press

Because the bench and the spotter stands are not welded directly to the frame, you can switch between bench press to squats within a minute!

All you need to do is to loosen the knobs in a couple of turns. The knobs come with thick threading, eliminating any potential for the knob being stuck.

The bench press pad conforms to the IPF Standards. It has dimensions of 122 cm x 30 cm x 45 cm.

A special kind of artificial leather has been used to cover this pad. Not only is it extremely durable it offers an extremely grippy surface - a bench pressers dream!

ipf bench press

Oversized Spotting Platform

While standing on the rack beams might seem like a great alternative to a spotting platform, it is neither safe nor comfortable for both the lifter and the spotter.

The ATX Competition Combo Rack spotter platforms have a massive footprint of 75 cm x 25 cm x 18 cm, per platform.

To make it even safer, the spotting platforms have grated surface, which offers additional grip for the spotter.

spotting stands

Spotting Arms

Mistakes do happen, and having spotter who is standing comfortably on an oversized spotting platforms might not be enough. This is where the Emergency Racks comes in real handy.

The spotter arms extends all the way to the uprights of the rack, leaving zero chance of the barbell crushing you.

Just like everything with this rack, the emergency shelves are oversized too. They are almost as long as your power rack spotter bars - at a whopping 66 cm!

The lowest height of the spotters is 61.5 cm, it can be adjusted in 2.5 cm increments all the way up to 89 cm.

Just like the telescopic uprights, spotter uprights come with PA glides which makes adjustment much smoother.

If you feel like you don't need spotter arms, you can disconnect them by turning one securing knob.

squat bench combo rack

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