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The ATX® Flat Bench PRO has been manufactured to IPF Specifications. The single front leg will allow you to set up your desired bench position. A certified 750kg load rating will not hinder your pressing progress!

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint Length - 127 cm, Width - 60 cm, Height - 45 cm. Backrest pad - Length - 122 cm, width - 30 cm, height - 5 cm
Grade Commercial - EN 20957 I.II.IV - S
Weight 21.3 kgs
Inclusions 1 x ATX® Flat Bench PRO
Weight Load Capacity 750 kgs
Colour Powder Coated Matte Black
Warranty 5 -year Manufacturers Warranty

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Detailed Description

Even if you are not a powerlifting gym, this beefy bench only weighs 21kgs! Perfect if you need a bench that is compact and easily maneuvered. The fact that is designed to handle burly powerlifters is a bonus. 

But for the strength orientated facilities, finding the right bench for competition bench pressing can be quite a difficult task. On one hand, you want to keep it cost-effective, on the other hand, you want it to be the exact dimensions as the one you'll be using in the competitions.

The ATX® Flat Bench Pro incorporates following features for the best value benching around:

  1. Manufactured to IPF Specifications - full size backrest pad - 122 cm x 30 cm.
  2. Lightweight design - the bench weighs only 21 kgs!
  3. Exceptionally stable welded/bolted construction - rated for 750 kgs.
  4. Single front support foot allows for the optimum set up.
  5. Certified for Commercial Use - EN 20957 I.II.IV - S.
  6. Compatible with the ATX® Fat Pad.
atx competition bench

Simple, Efficient & Effective

While this bench looks like something anyone could design, it is actually German ingenuity at it's finest. The combination of quality materials and a design that has evolved over the years, delivers a bench that is tough whilst being extremely affordable.

Another overlooked factor that contributes to the affordability is that it is flat packed to perfection - Ikea would be proud! With O, H & S standards mandating cartons over 25kgs being put on a pallet, the ATX Flat Bench Pro avoids these additional costs. 

Most importantly for the gym owner, the simple design means that there are less things that can go wrong!

competition bench

Backrest Pad

It is rare to find a full-sized flat bench made to IPF Specifications, which does not cost an arm and a leg.

The ATX® Flat Bench Pro features a 122 cm x 30 cm x 5 cm backrest pad. For you heavy benchers out there, when it comes to bench width, bigger is better. Most gym and FID benches have pads that are 25cm wide. To the layman, 5cm might not seem like a lot, but this extra width contributes notably to your stability under a heavy barbell. 

Even the upholstery has been part of the evolution. The foam is firm and covered in textured PU leather. The texture will give you more grip compared to traditional smooth finishes. 

ipf spec bench

Optimum Stability

Unlike the other powerlifting lifts, once you have unracked the weight, you are reliant on your gym equipment to complete the lift. If your bench is not stable you simply won't be able to perform to the best of your ability. 

Naturally the 60 cm wide support beam gives the bench lateral stability. If you are shopping around you will notice that it is wider than a lot of benches. The extra width compensates for the single leg support at the opposite end. This is essential to allow all bench press feet positions.

ipf specification bench

Rubberized Feet

There are some high end benches that don't have rubber feet. What is the big deal you may ask? Well if your gym has concrete floors and you set up/bench with significant leg drive, you might find your bench slipping around when you least expect it. 

The feet are made from vulcanised rubber which is the ideal combination of shock absorption and durability for a gym environment.  

flat powerlifting bench

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