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Relieve the stress from your shoulders and elbows and get a better stretch in your chest at the same time with the Bamboo Bench Pad!

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint Length - 100 cm, Width - 10 cm / 23 cm. Height - 8.5 cm.
Inclusions 1 x Bamboo Pad
Weight Load Capacity 300 kgs
Colour Black
Construction Cushion core of composite foam, coating of durable synthetic leather, Durable Velcro Straps

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Detailed Description

The bamboo bench is designed to let your shoulder blades move freely, allowing an increase in range motion in pressing exercises.

  1. 300 kgs weight load capacity makes it suitable for both beginner and advanced lifters.
  2. Can be used for a variety of pressing exercises (shoulder press, incline press, flyes, etc.)
  3. Helps to recruit more muscle fibres.
  4. Reduces pain during pressing exercises.
  5. Increased range of motion allows you to bring the barbell lower, giving you a better stretch.
  6. Three strong Velcro fasteners allows it to be mounted securely to any bench.

Joint Health

When you bench press on a normal flat bench press, your scapula does not move throughout the move range.

Because the Bamboo Bench Pad has such a small surface, it allows your shoulder blades to move back further. This gives you the full range of motion which is integral to joint health, stability and longevity.

Optimum Bio-mechanics

Bamboo Bench Pad solves two problems – more muscle fiber recruitment and pain reduction in your joints.

On the downwards movement your shoulder blades will move much more freely. Meaning that your elbows will drop down further, increasing the stretch on the shoulder flexor and elbow extensors.

The whole movement becomes as close as possible to the natural bio-mechanical movement such as push-ups and dips.

shoulder support bench pad

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