ATX® Weight Lifting Bench with Decline

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A compact, Commercial weight lifting bench that also declines. Despite its size and maneuverability, this bench can handle plenty of weight - up to 400kgs. With 12 angles to choose from, the ergonomic and fully adjustable ATX® Weight Lifting Bench with Decline is an ideal commercial quality bench for any gym.

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint L = 120cm W = 70cm (base) H = 45cm (in flat bench position)
Weight 35kgs
Weight Load Capacity 400kgs
Colour Black
Warranty The warranty terms and conditions for the ATX® are intended for commercial use. 10 year warranty on frame excluding surface finish. 1 year on parts, cables and pulleys. 90 days on grips, pads and upholstery. Please note that some commercial equipment being sold by our competitors are only covered by domestic warranties. If you are using the Barbarian equipment in your home gym, and you have a manufacturing issue or defect with your grips, pads, upholstery outside the warranty terms we will review your issue. But please refer to my first point above about the best warranties are ones that are not used. ATX® is designed by Germans for German commercial use. So it is over engineered for domestic use.
Carton Size Carton 1: 119cm x 45cm x 27cm
Backrest Pad Dimensions Length - 80.5 cm, Width: Bottom - 32.5 cm, Top - 25 cm

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Detailed Description

The ATX® Weight Lifting Bench can be adjusted from decline, flat, incline and upright. Check the rest of the features:

  1. 12 adjustable angles in total. From -15 to 82 degrees. Unique design makes it very easy to change between positions.
  2. Heavy Duty - Load capacity of up to 400kg. Dedicated support bracket for stability when doing heavy bench presses.
  3. 4 seat adjustment angles - prevent sliding off the bench when doing incline bench press.
  4. Ergonomic commercial upholstery - wide lumbar support to prevent movement when benching. Tapered up around the shoulder blades to give you a full range of motion.
  5. Certified for commercial use by European standards (EN 20957 I.II.IV Class S).
  6. Extremely easy to move - the combination of the handle and wheels makes it easy to move around your gym.

Here is Linas with modest 145 kgs on the barbell, testing the stability of the ATX® Weight Lifting Bench.

Quality Weight Lifting Bench

The latest addition to our bench range will give you a commercial quality weight lifting bench with decline bench capability. All at a very attractive price. ATX® are able to offer this through their clever designs - you won't see this bench anywhere else.

You will be blown away with the clever engineering on this unit. It is an extremely heavy-duty - there are thick bracing plates on all the heavy load-bearing points. This translates into an extremely solid and stable bench with no movement.

It is built for serious weight trainers who want to do some heavy bench pressing. For starters it is built low to the ground - 45 cm to the top of the commercial upholstery. To lock it into place with ultimate stability, it has upright support for an easy load capacity of 400kgs. When the Germans say it will handle 400kgs, it will be rock solid at this weight.

This is also a great option for the hardcore trainer whose missus likes to hit the weights. It doesn't have a massive footprint. So with the handle and the wheels, it is really easy to move around the gym. 

adjustable weight lifting bench

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