ATX® Glute Ham Developer Cross

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The ATX® Glute Ham Developer Cross has been designed and engineered in Germany for commercial use, it features a compact footprint, high weight load capacity and unique design of the pad which allows you to train your core with upmost comfort.

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint Length - 161 cm, Width - approx. 92 cm. Height - 106cm
Grade Commercial - EN 20957 I.II.IV - S
Weight 63 kgs
Inclusions Sold individually.
Weight Load Capacity 300 kgs (safe working load)
Colour Black semi-gloss fine structure powder coated

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Detailed Description

  1. Compact footprint - entire machine takes up just 161x91cm of your floor.
  2. Reinforced construction - main support beam is held together by thick steel sheets.
  3. Optimal comfort - special split pad design and adjustable footrests accommodate users of all shapes and sizes.
  4. Meets European standards for commercial use.
  5. 300kg safe working load.
glute ham developer cross


The whole footprint is a measly 161x91cm, allowing you to chuck the machine into a corner. If you're really tight on space; the set of built in wheels means you can wheel it out of your training area when not in use.

Don't worry though; thanks to the unique engineering, the compact footprint doesn't sacrifice stability in any way.

atx glute ham developer


ATX® engineers sprinkled in some subtle but significant design changes to provide you with the best training experience. One side features a slanted edge, increasing the contact area for your body, which in turn reduces the pressure on your thighs.

The outer side of the pad has a steeper drop, making exercises such as hyperextensions, reverse hyperextensions and GHD sit-ups far more comfortable.

The foam itself is a work of art, it's soft enough to avoid unnecessary pressure yet firm enough to ensure that you remain stable throughout the entire movement.

atx compact ghd

Additional Features

  1. Resistance band pegs - if your bodyweight is too easy, increase the resistance with weights or bands.
  2. Wheels for easy transportation - simply lift the machine up by the resistance band pegs and wheel the station to your training area.
  3. Reinforced construction - main support bracket is held together by six high tensile strength bolts and two steel sheets. Combined with the flared out front feet, there's no chance of this bad boy tipping over.
  4. Handles for easy mounting and dismounting of the machine.

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