ATX Pegboard 120 cm x 30 cm

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Strengthen your underdeveloped muscles in your upper body with this compact ATX Pegboard 120 cm x 30 cm! Made of laminated beechwood and solid wood handles.

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint 120 cm x 30 cm x 4.5 cm
Weight Approx. 8 kgs
Inclusions 1 x ATX Pegboard, 2 x Solid Wood Handles, 4 x Mounting Bolts
Colour Natural Wood

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Detailed Description

Pegboard was originally designed for rock climbers to train indoors. It did not take long for it to be discovered by many CrossFit and Calisthenics enthusiasts. 

  1. Works your whole upper body.
  2. Extremely compact- only 30 cm wide!
  3. No need to spend hundreds of dollars on Rock Climbing Gym membership.
  4. Gets rid of muscle imbalances which are caused by a regular barbell and dumbbell training.
  5. Four mounting holes provide you with exceptional stability (mounting bolts included!).

Simple yet extremely beneficial

If you are a fan of sports which require tremendous upper body strength like CrossFit, gymnastics or rock climbing. The ATX Peg Board is a must-have. It will transform your garage wall into a functional climbing gym!

Pegboard climbing is far more difficult than it looks. You only use your upper body to move from one peg to another.

Exercising with machines and dumbbells often create muscle imbalances as these exercises favour major muscle groups and ignore the smaller ones. Which are just as important. Climbing forces your body to activate even the smallest muscle groups, making this exercise ideal for strengthening underdeveloped muscles and muscle groups.

Trust me it is harder than it looks while training on the pegboard you will improve your grip and strengthen your forearms, biceps, shoulders and your whole upper back!

atx rocklimbing board

Designed for heavy use

Weighing at approx. 8 kgs it might seem like a lightweight. But don't let that fool you, it is designed for hardcore European gyms and can handle even the biggest athletes.

The Peg Board itself is made out of 45 mm thick laminated beech wood. It comes with two 30 mm thick handles (the same thickness as your Olympic barbell). The holes are spaced out every 24 cm, eliminating any possibility of breaking.

home gym climbing board

Please note: When mounting the pegboard to a wall make sure that the surface you are mounting it to, can handle any static or dynamic loads which will be applied to it. (Mounting Bolts Included

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