Blue Mountains Muscle Beach

Nic has re-created his own version of Muscle Beach in the scenic Blue Mountains. Nic is a highly decorated trainer from the old school, so all you young whipper snappers should take close note of what a true Iron Warrior has in his arsenal.

Nic’s gym is a true representation of Sam’s Fitness, with a bit of kit from each of our major suppliers. To kick it off, Nic has got the Ironmaster IM2000. You see Nic’s room is tiny, and he needs gym equipment that packs plenty of punch for it’s footprint. So what better than an IM2000. Now don’t listen to any of that bullshit about smith machines being no good. Nic has been training himself, and competed at the highest levels in Australia, plus trained thousands of people. So if he has a smith machine you know it works. Case closed.

Nic also has a Powertec Half Rack. You are probably thinking why have the half rack when you can use the free weight functionality of the IM2000? Well Nic is a big fan, like myself, of supersets. Especially as one gets older. You can build intensity in the muscle without using massive weight, plus it works wonders for cardio. So the Powertec Half Rack is perfect as it has a very compact footprint.

powertec half rack

You can see in the picture above that Nic has got himself a wall mounted lat pulldown by Barbarian Line. But what is interesting is that he has mounted it to the wall, elevated by some steps. This allows Nic to do seated rows off the floor. Nic is a bit of a handy man, and has carefully calculated the load capacity of the steps plus his bolts on the wall vs his bodweight and max lifts. So unless you have the nous to work all this out I would give it a miss. You get used to sitting on the floor doing seated rows. As a matter of fact I actually prefer it now.

barbarian wall mounted lat pulldown

This is a classic home gym by the way it carefully utilises every square millimeter of floor space, whilst still delivering enough space for training comfortably. It is this careful selection of equipment, then laying it out, is what the true craft of home gym culture is all about.

Plus it perfectly represents how all the Sam’s Fitness brands work together to create the ultimate home gym. Thanks Nic!