Boydy’s Home Gym

Over the last couple of years we have had the priveledge of seeing Boydy’s home gym evolve into one of the best we have seen. Now we don’t equate best with the number of machines. What we like to see in someone’s home gym is those little touches of detail or personalisation that show their gym is more than just a place to train.

As you will see, Boydy’s gym is oozing with all sorts of little extras that create an atmosphere that even the flashest commercial gym could not equal.

Now Boydy always had a pretty smart set up. I remember when I posted the photo below on our Facebook page it got plenty of comments and likes.

Boydys Home Gym

However check out his gym now. It is off the charts!!!

Boydys Home Gym

Quality machines, nicely spaced and not collar or attachment out of place!

Boydys Home Gym

Yes that is a Powertec Leverage Squat/Calf hiding behind the LeverGym.

Powertec LeverGym

It goes without saying that having quality gym equipment will give you a good home gym. But what makes a great home gym? The photo below sums it up.

Custom Ironmaster IM2000

The first thing that hits you in this picture is the custom black paint job on both the Ironmaster IM2000 and Ironmaster Super Bench. Now they match the jet black Powertec machines. But check out the background. All the cable attachments are neatly hung on the wall. There is a flat screen TV with a custom Ironmaster banner that Boydy had made up. Of course there is a mandatory Arnie poster. Plus there is handy dumbbell curl demonstration poster.

Boydy had a mixture of 2013 and pre-2013 Powertec machines. The 2013 machines come with chrome finish weight horns. Boydy preferred the black PVC sleeves, so made up standard weight holders and fitted PVC sleeves.

Powertec Standard Plate Holders

The support for the Powertec Lat Machine seat was sticking out a bit too far for Boydy’s liking. So what did he do? He lopped it off!

Modified Powertec Lat Machine

Once welded back on, it looks like it has just come from the factory.

Well we would like to send a big thank you to Boydy for sharing these pictures with us. It is certainly given us some inspiration to tart our gym up at the warehouse up. Hopefully it has given you all some ideas too.

We would love to see your home gyms too. They don’t have to have multiple machines. One of my favourite set ups is the Powertec LeverGym with Ironmaster Dumbbells. They might look basic but I know there is so much you can do with this sort of home gym.