Daniels Single Station Home Gym

Here is both a cool home gym and some feedback from a very happy customer.

Daniels Home Gym. A Powertec Multi Press and Compact Leg Sled

This is what Daniel had to say:

Hi Matthew,

Ref the set up at 23 Frederick St, Ryde……WOW!!!!!!! Looks amazing!!!!!! Thank you so very much for everything. Outstanding first class job.

Please let your boss know that I am extremely happy with your customer service skills and the set up of the equipment is amazing. Please forward this email to your boss.

Outstanding job Matthew well done.

Kind Regards, Daniel

Now what makes this gym cool?

Well first up it is something different to your normal set up which is usually based around a multi gym, power rack or smith machine. Daniel has opted for two single station machines.

To the layman you are probably thinking that Daniel is missing out by not getting a multi purpose piece. Well to us Powertec devotees, we know exactly what Daniel has to play with and this is what makes Powertec stand out from the competiton.

After looking at this set up, the question is how will he train back. Well people that have owned any form of Powertec leverage press will tell you that they are just as good for training back as it is for chest and shoulders. You have multiple options for rows. Barbell style rows with the lever arm, using the bench as support for prone rows and single arm rows.

Combined with Daniels spinlock dumbbells in the middle, he can really blast his back.

Did I also mention you can do shrugs?

The Leg Sled also offers plenty of variety. You can do several variations of leg press, use one leg for lunges and finish off with some calf raises. Daniel can also put his leg lift attachment in the Multi Press for some leg extensions and leg curls.

Finish off with an EZ Curl Barbell for your arm workout and you have a complete home gym!

Nice work Daniel!