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Outbak Heavy Duty Liftmaster Hooks SMALL

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Bang out a few extra reps when your grip gives.

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Detailed Description

The Outbak Heavy Duty Liftmaster Hooks will enable you to squeeze out those last reps where normally your grip would fail. Whether it be lat pulldowns, chin ups or deadlifts, the Outbak Heavy Duty Liftmaster Hooks will allow you to blast through your strength plateaus.

The Outbak Heavy Duty Liftmaster Hooks also provide wrist support with heavy duty synthetic webbing. The neoprene inserts make them comfortable to use.

Product features:

  1. Well stitched with very strong metal hooks for reliability and strength.
  2. Lifting straps made from heavy duty cotton-based webbing.
  3. Hooks are coated with a non-slip material.
  4. Hook position can be adjusted up or down.
  5. Velcro fastener to secure around your writs.
lifting straps

Small: Neoprene Wrap 14cm, Velcro Strap 20cm
Medium: Neoprene Wrap 16cm, Velcro Strap 23cm
Large: Neoprene Wrap 18cm, Velcro Strap 25cm.

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