Power Maxx 1-20kg Round Rubber 14 pair Dumbbell Set

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Perfect who anyone who is looking to get back into training. The Power Maxx 1-20kg Round Rubber 14 pair Dumbbell Set is an extremely compact and durable dumbbell set. Dumbbell handles are made out of spring steel.

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Inclusions 14 pairs of dumbbells (1-10 kg in 1 kg increments and 12.5-20 kg in 2.5 kg increments) + 14 Pair Dumbbell Stand

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Detailed Description

14 pairs of dumbbells might sound like something that will take a lot of space. Lucky enough we managed to fit them on a 14 pair rack, which has extremely compact footprint. The dumbbells will be heavy enough to get you started. Unless you are preparing for strongman competition or you are into powerlifting I doubt that you will need heavy dumbbells to train. It is easier to start with lower weights and build proper form which will help you to move to heavier dumbbells without putting you at risk of injuring yourself.

Dumbbell handles are made out of spring steel (the same material which our barbells are made from) meaning that you don't have to worry about them breaking. They are covered with a durable rubber casing which helps to reduce noise and protects your floor and the dumbbell itself. All of the Power Maxx dumbbells are numbered and comes with a great looking Power Maxx logo.

Power Maxx Round Rubber Dumbbell set consists of - 1-10 kg dumbbells in 1 kg increments and 12.5-20 kg dumbbells in 2.5 kg increments.

14 pair dumbbell set

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