Rubber Hex Dumbbell Stands

We have rubber hex dumbbell stands available to sort out your dumbell collection. A vertical rubber hex dumbbell stand is the perfect way to organise your dumbbells without eating into valuable gym footprint.

But if you have a custom set of dumbbells and you are not certain they will fit on a particular stand, no problem! Just drop us a line or give us a call and we will do a trial fit with your respective dumbbells.

Vertical Dumbbell Stand

Now in this example, the customer had 6kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg and 30kg rubber hex dumbbells. The best bet here is to go with a cheap 10-pair dumbbell stand. Now when I say cheap, I don’t mean poor quality. We sell these to gyms and personal training studios. It is just a very cost-effective solution for this circumstance.

But the best thing about this dumbbell stand is it’s footprint—or lack thereof. This vertical stand will sit nicely in some corner or between some pieces of gym equipment. It will take up much less space than a normal dumbbell rack.

It is designed specifically for a 1-10kg rubber hex dumbbell set. But as you can see, if you simply space the dumbbells apart it works perfectly. You can actually utilise the storage positions in between with lighter dumbbells. Or you can use bigger dumbbells but please remember the dumbbells will touch. This makes it a little harder to get the dumbbells in and out. But if you pull just one of the touching dumbbell pairs out before you train, and put them somewhere out of the way, you can grab the dumbbells like normal. Just re-pack the stand after your workout.

This little extra hassle will save you a lot more space than using a weight. In most gym situations, especially in home gyms, there is normally a trade-off between space and ease of use.

So if you already have a custom set of rubber hex dumbbells, or looking at purchasing one, just let us know the dumbbells you are interested in and we can check it for you. As you can see in the example on the right, you can get a pretty decent spread of dumbbells stored in a very small space—and they don’t cost a lot too!

rubber hex dumbbell stand