Sams Fitness After Sales Service

We hear at Sam’s Fitness pride ourselves on our after sales service. If you are researching gym equipment online some of the claims made on things like load capacities and warranties sound pretty amazing. But it is easy to promise a generous warranty. A totally different kettle of fish to deliver on it. When you have a problem we have the resources and know how to fix it. Here is what Wally had to say when he had an issue:

hi Sam ,

i recieved the replacement parts today ( Barbarian leg extension / hamstring) ,took the old parts off , replaced them with the new stock,

Bang! it all went smoothly together , fits like a cock in a sock !

thanks very much for the first-class service,

much appreciated .wally.

It doesn’t matter what you make or what you sell, from time to time you are going to have issues with gym equipment. If anyone tries to tell you otherwise they are having a lend of you. The reason we have stuck solid with Powertec and Ironmaster is because the issue rate has been great. I took on Barbarian Line because they had an established track record in Europe.

But the advantage with dealing with the big overseas companies is that they back up their sales with spare parts. If we have an issue and send them a picture, they will replace the part for us. So we just go down to our warehouse and send the replacement parts to our customers.

This sounds pretty simple, so why can’t other fitness equipment sellers do it? For starters a lot of them chop and change their ranges like their underwear. If you have been looking at us for a while our range equipment has only grown slowly and I can tell you the majority has been on the books for ten years now. Yes a bit boring, but hey we know it works and lasts the distance. Plus if there is an issue with an older model the parts are often inter changeable.

Also when you are selling cheap stuff, you have to change suppliers to keep getting the cheap prices. So you might not be able to get spares for the equipment you got from the old manufacturer. Plus when you are chasing the cheapest price you are getting a bare bones price. There is no room for replacement spares. Once the factory sends you the container that is it.

How do we know so much about what other fitness equipment retailers do regarding after sales service? Their customers ring us when the can’t get help! Since we listed our range of Powertec spare parts along with the Ironmaster replacement parts we constantly get calls from people in desperation trying to get spares for their equipment. Even some that are covered by lifetime warranties. We help them where we can, by making custom cables or pulleys that are universal. However things like frame parts, if they are product specific there is sadly not a lot we can do.

So like a lot of things in life, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!