Squat Rows on the Powertec Leverage Gym

Squat rows – have you tried them? Have you even heard of them? The Powertec Leverage Gym is a great all round gym. You can hit legs with the included squat bar. However if you have a back injury that prevents you from squatting, the cable machine squat row is an exercise that you should try.

Squat Rows are not an exercise that an advanced trainer would use to build mass or strength. Squats would be first on the list. If they had a back injury then belt squats or leg press would be next. To buy a quality belt squat machine or leg press is expensive and takes up loads of space. This is not practical for your average trainer.

Brad Turnbull demonstrates squat rows on the Powertec Levergym.

Squat Rows – A Compound Movement

All you need to perform squat rows on your Powertec Leverage Gym is a cable row handle which you attach to the low pulley. An added bonus of this exercise is that it is a compound movement. Not only will it hit your quads, you will get a back workout too. Which are the two muscle groups that we all need to work on.

You will get the most from cable machine squat rows if you work in the higher rep ranges. Start out with doing three sets of fifteen reps. As you build strength move up sets of twenty reps.

This is an exercise where you shouldn’t worry about lifting ever increasing weight. You will get more from your squat rows if you focus on working the targeted muscle groups. So instead of increasing the weight, your next move will be progressing to four sets of twenty reps. Finally move up to five sets of twenty reps. Only then start to look at increasing the weight.

Get the Heart Rate Going

I strongly recommend giving this exercise a go. Not only will you be working two very important muscle groups you will be also getting in some great cardio. These big muscle groups burn up the calories so it is great way to burn off those treats you ate at the weekend.

To supplement your squat rows, you can add the leg extension/leg curl attachment. Both these exercises are good because they are also suitable for people with back issues.