Product Returns

What's that? You need to send something back?

While we make every effort to ensure you get the quality gym equipment you deserve, there are times when factors beyond our control result in the need to send an item back to us.

We don't see damaged goods or missing parts often, however new gym gear can get bumped and knocked around on it's way to us, and because it's still in it's original packaging, we don't always pick this up even though we implement very strict quality control guidelines.

It also means that if something is missing from yuor shipment it may be difficult for us to identify this before sending. Finally, in the event that we should we make a mistake with your order, we obviously want to recitify it as soon as possible for you.

So What's Next?

It's simple! Just shoot us an email with your order number and an explanation of the problem and we'll get onto as soon as is humanly possible.

If you've spotted some damage to your equipment, it is also helpful to include a few pictures where possible, so that we can better understand the nature of the problem.

Returns email: