ATX® Squat Stands Brace

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  • Product Code: ATX-SQS-BRA
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Increase the stability of your ATX® Squat Stands!

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint Width - 121 cm, Height - 19.4 cm, Depth - 27 cm, Tube Diameter - 38 mm, Pin Diameter - 20 mm.
Weight 7.5 kg
Inclusions Sold individually (base tube + locking nuts + locking knob)
Colour Black semi-gloss fine structure powder coated

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Detailed Description

ATX® Squat Stands Brace has been designed to work as a stabilizer or a fixed solution for your squat stands. Features of the connecting strut:

  1. Can be used for pull-ups (if mounted at the top).
  2. Suitable for ATX squat stands but may fit other machines with 21 mm inner hole diameter and 60-80 mm upright thickness.
  3. 38mm tube diameter, 20mm pin diameter.
  4. Sticks out 270 mm from the upright.
squat stand connector


The ATX Squat Stands Brace is designed specifically for the following models:
  1. ATX-SQS-650 - can be attached both at the top and bottom.
  2. ATX-SQS-720 - can only be attached at the bottom.
  3. ATX-SQS-750 - can only be attached at the bottom. Must remove the weight plate holders.
  4. ATX-DICO-SQS - can be attached at the top and/or the bottom of the unit.
squat stand brace

Mounting Options

The ATX® Connection brace comes with two mounting options:

There's a hand screw knob included which allows you to quickly dissassemble and adjust the brace.

The fixed bolt with locking nut locks the strut in place for a more permanent installation.

mounting options

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