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Get a great leg workout with the ATX® Line Leg Master! This wobble-free machine is perfect for your assisted squat harness and standing hamstring curls.

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint Width: 130 cm Depth: 142 cm Height: max. 150 cm
Weight 108 kg
Weight Load Capacity Squat station: 200 KG Hamstring Curl Station: 100 KG
Colour Black
Weight Plates Used Olympic (51 mm+)

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Detailed Description

The ATX® Leg Master works like a squat harness, alleviating the pressure on your lower back, shoulders and elbows.

Having a few backup exercises in your training repertoire is always a good idea. Sometimes you're just not in the mood for squats. But don't worry: here's a machine that lets you target the same muscles.

Works like Safety Squat Bar!

The ATX® Safety Squat Harness gives you all the benefits of the safety squat bar without storage problems!

Here is a British Bodybuilder putting the Leg Master through it's paces:

Single-Leg Hamstring Curl Station

We all know bicep curls are the ultimate upper body exercise, so it makes sense that hamstring curls are the ultimate lower body exercise. Hamstring curls are great if you're recovering from an injury, or even just chasing a pump. Just take the squat harness off the machine and you have a fully functional standing leg curl station!

When used as a squat station, the handles at the top of the leg master will allow you to have full control of the movement as well as pull yourself up if you feel like you are going to fail the lift.

As impressive as this machine might sound it still has more to offer:

  1. Heavy-Duty construction - extremely stable and wobble-free.
  2. Compact design - 130 cm x 142 cm x 150 cm
  3. Robust and durable upholstery.
  4. Hamstring Curl station comes with ball bearings providing a smooth movement.
  5. Massive Load Rating - 200 kg (Squat Station), 100 kg (Hamstring Curl Station)
  6. Anti-Slip Rubber Feet which protects the floor and reduces the noise.

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Leg master

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