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Finally, a home gym oriented Smith Cable Rack. Everything you will ever need to train in one spot!

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint Width: 200 cm Length / depth: 223 cm Height: 220 cm
Grade Domestic: EN 20957 I.II.IV - H
Weight 256
Inclusions J-Hooks, Spotter Arms, Dip Bars, 4 x Olympic Sleeves
Colour Grey/Black

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Detailed Description

If you had to write a list of what your ultimate home gym should pack, chances are that the ATX® Smith Cable Rack would tick all the boxes and still be able to offer more than you asked for.

This machine has been built with the customer in mind. It offers everything you will need to take your fitness to the next level, without a hefty price tag.

The demo photos are shown with a weight stack.

Similar to the ATX®  Commercial Smith Cable Rack it offers the following stations:

Half Rack:

  1. Robust - 250 kgs load rating.
  2. Adjustable - 29 adjustment positions spaced out 5cm apart.
  3. Includes 36 cm long spotter arms and rubber covered J-Hooks.
  4. The lowest spotter arm position - ~25cm off the ground.
home multi gym

Smith Machine:

  1. 25 mm thick guide rails made out of hardened steel.
  2. 13 adjustment positions.
  3. Maximum grip width - 113cm.
  4. Load rating - 200 kgs.
  5. Handle Diameter - 30 mm.
  6. 33 cm long Olympic Sleeves.
atx smith cable rack

Cable Crossover:

  1. Two independently usable cable pulleys.
  2. 17 adjustment positions.
  3. Top height of carabiner hook -185 cm.
  4. Ball-bearing pulleys for smooth rotation.
  5. 2:1 ratio.
ultimate home gym

Chin Up Station:

  1. Multiple Grip.
  2. Two different handle diameters Ø 25 mm / 30 mm.
  3. Maximum loading capacity - 200 kgs.
atx home gym

Lat Pulldown:

  1. Solid Steel guide rails.
  2. Maximum load rating - 160 kgs.
  3. High and Low Pulley.
  4. No mechanical advantage - 1:1 ratio.
  5. Flexible stretch-free steel cable.

NOTE: This Demo is on the free-standing ATX® Lat Machine and not the Smith Cable Rack. It is hard to get the camera inside the cage to show all the right angles.

If you are looking for even more exercise ideas, check out the Spud Inc Utility Strap Demo by LEE PRIEST!

Dip Station:

  1. Adjustable height to suit all users.
  2. Ø 45 mm thick handles.
  3. Maximum load capacity - 160 kgs.
  4. Handle width - approx. 60 cm-70 cm.

Weight Storage:

  1. 4 Weight horns per side
  2. Weight horns - 25 cm x 30 mm.
  3. With rubber stoppers.
  4. Can be upgraded with Olympic Sleeves.

Load Ratings:

  1. Smith Machine - 200 kgs.
  2. J-Hooks - 250 kgs per pair.
  3. Spotter Arms - 250 kgs.
  4. Lat Pulldown - 160 kgs.
  5. Chin Up - 200 kgs.
  6. Dip Station - 160 kgs.
  7. Weigh horns - 120kg per horn.

Don't know which SCR is best for you?

Choosing the right home gym can be a daunting task. It all comes down to your idea of a home gym vs what you actually need and how much you are willing to spend. To make it easier for you, we came up with a guide. Which explains the benefits and downsides of each variant. More Information.

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