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Fully decked out Smith Cable Rack, designed in Germany at an unbeatable price.

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint Width: 200 cm Length / depth: 223 cm Height: 220 cm
Grade Domestic - EN 20957 I.II.IV - H
Weight 385 kgs
Inclusions Smith Cable Rack + 2 x Olympic Sleeves for Smith Machine
Weight Load Capacity Smith machine: max. 200 KG J-Hooks (pair) max. 250 KG Spotter Arms: (pair) max. 250 KG Pull-up station: max. 200 KG Dip Station: 160 KG Weight plates rack storage: max. 120 kg per pin
Colour Grey/Black

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Detailed Description

Not everyone is a professional athlete or runs a commercial gym or studio. For some, the ATX® Commercial Smith Cable Rack System is a bit of an overkill for everyday training. The Germans have decided to release something that packs all of the same features that has made its big brother so popular.

With the ATX® Smith Cable Rack in your home gym or studio, you will know have no excuses to skip training.

Have a look at the extensive list of features this machine is stacked with:

  1. The list of exercises is endless
  2. Remarkable stability - the machine weighs approx. 385kgs.
  3. 125kgs weight stack in 5kg increments.
  4. Space saver design.
  5. Easy to use - no set up needed when switching stations.

Half Rack - For Free Weight Training Enthusiasts

The built-in squat rack offers versatility and ease of use - with 29 different adjustment positions, spaced out every 5 cm. Making this half rack suitable for people of all heights and sizes!

Improved Safety - there is no need to worry about the barbell crushing you in case you have failed the lift. Lengthy 36 cm spotter arms come with a lip to completely eliminate any chance of the barbell rolling down on you.

Train in peace - the J-Hooks and Spotter arms are covered in rubber which protects the barbell from damage and reduces noise.

Robust - a genuine 250kgs load rating.

affordable home gym

Isolation Training with Smith Machine

Smith machine training should not be underestimated. It offers a vast variety of isolation exercises which can help you to take your fitness to a whole new level.

Robust - 25mm thick hardened steel guide-rails and maintenance-free sliding bushes ensure a smooth movement. To top it off, the smith machine is rated for a massive 200kgs!

Suitable for Everyone - 13 adjustment positions and a maximum grip width of 113 cm allows athletes of all sizes to train at their optimum level.

Knurled 30 mm barbell with 33 cm Olympic Sleeves on each end.

compact smith machine

Best Cable Crossover for Accessory Work?

Functional trainers are fantastic for accessory work. But as good as functional trainers might be, they are slightly too expensive and take up quite a bit of space. The ATX® Smith Cable Rack comes with a built-in, independently usable and adjustable cable machine.

No need to change the weights over since the Cable Crossover uses the same 125kgs weight stack as the Lat Pulldown.

Made for everyone - 17 numbered, adjustable options with the maximum pulling height of 185cm off the upright.

Flexible anti-stretch steel cable, ball bearings and 2:1 weight stack ratio give you the smoothest movement.

affordable smith cable rack

Body-weight Training

Chin-ups will never go out of style. Whether you love them or hate them, you can't deny their contribution to training and building a thicker back.

Sturdy - the Multi-Grip Chin Up Bar is rated for 200kgs. With various grips and two different grip diameters (25 mm and 30 mm), there is certainly plenty of variation!

Integrated Dip Station - because the dip bars are mounted to the half rack, you can adjust them to a height which suits you best.

Heavy Duty - thick 45 mm tube, rated for 160kgs. Maximum handle length - 70 cm.

atx smith cable rack dips

Lat Pulldown

Designed and engineered to suit users of all heights. Ego crushing 125 kg weight stack in 5 kg increments and no mechanical advantage. Comes with two pulleys.

High pulley - 4 leg pads adjustment positions for extra comfort when performing lat pulldowns. High clearance of 154cm when sitting on the seat of the bench (45 cm).

Low pulley - perform seated rows with comfort and comes with robust feet rests.

This Lat Pulldown/Seated Row features extra-wide pulleys, anti-stretch cable and smooth, low friction movement.

NOTE: This Demo is on the free-standing ATX® Lat Machine and not the Smith Cable Rack. It is hard to get the camera inside the cage to show all the right angles.

If you are looking for even more exercise ideas, check out the Spud Inc Utility Strap Demo by LEE PRIEST!

Weight Plate Storage

With eight weight horns, you will never run out of storage space. Each of them is designed to hold up to 120 kgs!

Note: Olympic Sleeves for the weight horns are sold separately.

smith machine squats

Don't know which SCR is best for you?

Choosing the right home gym can be a daunting task. It all comes down to your idea of a home gym vs what you actually need and how much you are willing to spend. To make it easier for you, we came up with a guide. Which explains the benefits and downsides of each variant. More Information.

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